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Yayyy! Its TGIF: We will Like to Say THANK YOU!!!


Yayyy! Its TGIF: We will Like to Say THANK YOU!!!

Yeah!!! Thank God its Friday. TGIF things on point!

Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of TGIF post.

So many persons have been checking out the TGIF section/category to really know what its all about and find special posts that will relate or correlate to what TGIF really mean out there. Ordinarily TGIF may mean a time for party or whine out on the weekend; a time for a special time out from the week’s work and get refreshed for a new week ahead. Some translate it for themselves to also mean Thank God I’m Fabulous. But whichever is the case its TGIF and yeahhh, get in the flow!!!

Special Dedication and Appreciation

We sincerely want to dedicate this post to readers on and of Acegoals. And for those who left a comment or two, we will like to say a huge THANK YOU! And did you share any of the posts with your friends? We also appreciate you immensely and wish that you continue as it shows that you value what we (Acegoals and YOU) are doing here and the salient wish that we continue with the good work. Thank you very much…

Expect More

In every way you find yourself on this portal; every click you make, every link you visit and every article or post you read, you encourage us and so in few days or on subsequent editions of TGIF posts we shall develop a reward system specially for you and we know you sure going to love and appreciate it.

Yes! Expect more from us. More relevant and quality articles bothering on Career, Job Search, Entrepreneurship and preparation from school life into the real career world of jobs hunting, interviews, and offers. Also expect tokens of special appreciation from us. This is in every different from the reward system we may build later on. This is special and will come in form of free CV services and credit recharge of any telecommunication network of your choice and it begins today. Just read on!

Trivia Round up

So this week so far has been interesting and I want to make today even more interesting for everyone (or the fast and lucky ones). This month a fairly long article was posted and it is very interesting and inspiring. I’m sure many learnt from it and are applying it today. Now I will like someone to answer some questions and stand a chance to have a free CV makeover this weekend and win a credit recharge enough to last you for the weekend from us: check out the questions, quite simple…


  • What is the longest post of this month?
  • What is the last sentence made on that post?


After doing the above, send your first name and phone number to [email protected]

Happy TGIF People…

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