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Why Jobs Websites in Nigeria Can Not Give You a Job

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Why Jobs Websites in Nigeria Can Not Give You a Job

By now you should be familiar with popular names like Jobberman, Ngcareers, Careers24, Hot Nigerian Jobs, Jobemy, MyJobMag and the likes. These are reputable and most prominent jobs websites in Nigeria posting job vacancies in Nigeria and one could refer to them as a professional hub where all available jobs pitch their tent! Okay, that’s my idea of describing them anyway. But seriously, some of these jobs websites in Nigeria are well structured firms and have been able to revolutionize the way job search and recruitment is done in the country and in Africa e.g Jobberman.

Most people who personally connect with me and some whom I’ve had physical chat with would ask if the jobs these jobs websites in Nigeria churn out daily are even real. Some claim to have applied severally yet with not even a missed call from a potential employer. So that puts a question of doubt on the jobs sites in Nigeria.

Well I usually take some time to explain the reasons (apart from late application, wrong JD understanding etc) why people don’t get jobs on these websites. This is also common to most genuine jobs website out there. But taking a deeper look at the situation, I’m convinced that one of the reasons below is definitely responsible for why some job applicants will never get a job from some jobs websites in Nigeria.

Incomplete Profiles

When some jobs portals started in Nigeria, there was nothing like job seeker or job applicant profile. In fact much dependence was on jobs advertised on the newspapers or notice boards placed at the gate entrance to the firm. But today, everything has changed! If you’re truly serious with job search, then you need to get your profile on genuine jobs websites out there and they must be complete! Potential employers mostly first gather information from your profile before they download your CV. This is known as database search. Most jobs are not advertised because the employer does not want to go public or an employee is about to be shown the way out without fore warning. If you keep stalking incomplete profiles out there, you may be loosing out on hit opportunities daily.

“Confidential Jobs are Scams”

I’ve heard and read such comments from some folks on popular online fora or jobs platforms for Nigerians. Many believe jobs that have no company name or that have ‘Private’ or ‘Confidential’ are never genuine. They are quick to label such jobs  as ‘Scams’. There is no denying that scam jobs are becoming more prevailing since the internet is a free space for all. But I’m sure it is being tackled daily and success is being recorded. There are better technological systems now in place and the company verification processes are now stringent to hold a better number of the scammers off.  So next time your see a vacancy and it says ‘confidential’ go on ahead and apply but be very discrete on the interview invites you choose to honour

Outdated/Generic CV

It is good to get registered on jobs websites but much more to make sure your CV attached to your profile is an updated one and not obsolete. It is easy to pin outdated of which is the conflict in location: job location says Lagos, the address on your CV says Rivers.This puts confusion on the employers and they overlook your application even if you’re qualified. An exception may be that the vacancy puts no consideration on location  and allows for relocation.

Always edit your CV for keywords and to suite the job advertisements. Remove irrelevancies and tailor it to getting the job with the necessary information. Do not use a single CV for all applications except if all vacancies are the same position with the exact skills and requirements needed.

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  1. James

    March 2, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    You totally right John. One foolish mistake applicants keep making is that they fail to realize that these job sites are not the recruiters. It wasnt funny when a man who has a lot of qualification and experience sent his full CV to my job site in the name of applying for a job.

  2. John Bassey

    March 2, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    Hahahaha! Really funny. Information helps. It does really help. Thanks for the comment James.

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