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Why are Employers Afraid of Work from Home?


Why are Employers Afraid of Work from Home?

Q. Even after nearly 2 years of COVID it is hard to find jobs that are 100% remote. What are employers afraid of?

A. Here are 10 things they fear:

1. Not being able to watch you work.

2. It’s easier for you to talk with recruiters and interview for other jobs when you work from home.

3. It’s much easier for employees to talk with one another confidentially when everybody is at home.

4. In their minds they picture you watering your plants, chopping vegetables for dinner, throwing a load of laundry in and generally not working.

Even though you have a knowledge worker job that does not require you to sit in front of your computer to be productive, they hate these pictures that keep popping into their minds.

They cannot shake the factory boss mindset.

When you work from home, they feel as though they gave you some of their power and they don’t like it.

5. It is inconvenient for them to have to reach out to you by text, slack/teams, email or phone.

They want to walk up to your desk to give you an assignment or get some of your awesome (and uncompensated) therapy.

6. An insecure manager wants to walk around an office surveying their team working furiously on projects.

They want their mere physical presence to make you increase your pace. That’s how fear-based management works.

7. They fear that you might have another job on the side.

8. Without being able to put their finger on it, they feel taken advantage of.

9.  They fear being left out of every important (or unimportant) conversation and decision.

10. Last and most important item: they fear change itself.

For all the billions corporation spend on change management programs, leaders are more change averse than anyone else.

A lot of them can’t accept the fact that much or most of the work performed by their employees can be performed from anywhere.

They want things to go back to the way they were.

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