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“When God’s Work Beckons, SHOW UP!” Jobberman Co-Founder Speaks


“When God’s Work Beckons, SHOW UP!” Jobberman Co-Founder Speaks

When you talk about innovation, technology, precision and entrepreneurship in the digital space, the name Opeyemi Awoyemi comes to mind with a rush! He does not mince words. When he wants results, he reaches out for it and gets it. Opeyemi is a successful technology entrepreneur with 10 years experience in internet startup business development having started his first technology business at 16, Jobberman and Whogohost being notable results of the journey so far amongst others. Today, 07/08/2015, is his birthday and he has a message to share with the world…

It’s August 7 and I just completed responding to goodwill messages – done with Facebook and Skype, remaining Twitter and Whatsapp. I feel really loved and I want to appreciate everyone who spent their valuable time to send a message, tweet or tried to call (my phone somehow refused to roam).

If I did not reply your message, I definately missed it out, I appreciate you nonetheless.
I have being preaching to myself lately and I have finally been able to complete the my sermon of 3 weeks today and I would also like to share with others. This is a note to self but I hope someone out there can learn thing or two.
I feel blessed. I feel loved. I am not ignorant of the fact that God has favoured me and I am nothing but an embodiment of his grace (N.B. some hard work in fairness as well ~ reminder not to outsource your solvable problems to God.)

As a result of many factors (busyness, my natural forgetfulness, lackadaisical attitude and personal contrarian opinions about how best to communicate), I am ashamed to say I have lost touch with lifelong partners in progress, I have missed important days and events, I have not been there when I was required.

Not that I’ve been a bad guy – I’ve never turned anyone away, nor scorned anyone. I still pray for my friends – FGC Excos, my OAU goons, Jobberman guys, Powerlink peeps – but I’m not just there.

I missed a very great friend’s wedding this year. I didn’t put it in mind enough to plan properly and as such I just could not make it even though I tried at the last moment. I carry the guilt with me such that I’ve not even had the courage to call.

As I turn another year, my biggest word to myself is simple. SHOW UP.
When friends need you, SHOW UP.
When you’ve not called in a while, SHOW UP.
When you’re needed to drop everything else and give the gift of love/caring, SHOW UP.
When business partners/associates needs you to help them solve a problem, SHOW UP.
When God’s work beckons, SHOW UP.
SHOW UP when you’re needed, not afterwards.

I have not said it will be easy, but that’s what I intend to do. Changes will be needed to make it work. Calendars, delegation, to-do lists, prior planning, discipline and most importantly Caring Enough to know that it is important to SHOW UP.

Opeyemi, you’re not worth much when you’re not there when you are needed the most.

Acegoals wishes Opeyemi Awoyemi a Happy Birthday and pray for more grace upon his life to do MORE! We celebrate you.



  1. Opeyemi Awoyemi

    November 28, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    Thank you!!!!

    • John Bassey

      December 5, 2016 at 10:10 am

      😀 You’re welcome boss!

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