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Knowing When a Girl is in Love: The Early Signs


Knowing When a Girl is in Love: The Early Signs

People love for different reasons. And when a girl loves a guy (or vice versa) it may be for short term reasons or long term reasons. At the initial stage of love girls exhibit signs of falling in love either with a crush or a new student or an old friend she just bumped into or some guy she has come to like and admire naturally. These signs some guys miss. Some mistake/misunderstand the signs while some just take advantage of it. So, from experience, I’ve come to recognize or aggregate some signs I noticed in girls when they’re in love with a guy.

She’ll Love to Call You

Or she’d love calls from you. This stems from the need to stay close to you by means of communication. Yes! She’d love to be the first person you think about when you wake in the morning or at least move up the radar of persons you may want to think about. Sometimes she’ll call you. Most times she expects the gesture returned at a certain point. But when she’s in love with you already, she’ll call and after some time (days or weeks) she expects you call…

She’ll Offer Domestic Services

Or she’ll practically do it. Many a time girls compete to win the love of cool, promising and responsible guys. And this is when she may want to give more than just making calls. Girls that want more than just a relationship may go the extra mile by offering domestic services in your apartment. This way she shows to you how good she can cook or do the laundry or take care of the house.

She’ll Love to Hang out with You

Or cease every opportunity to do so. The hanging out is not necessarily a date or a major putting for an event but just going to normal places together. She’ll embrace almost all invitations extended to her for a hangout. She’ll see it as spending quality time with you for a chat or for you to get to notice her more and appreciate her presence.

Beware! Some signs may be utterly deceiving. People are different and they behave and react differently to situations and actions. Girls are complex, very complex and proper understanding is key to knowing when a girl is actually in love with you. Do you have any other signs you wish to share? Please drop a comment and let us know.

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