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Ways to Chip in Creativity in Professional Life: The Hack You Need!


Ways to Chip in Creativity in Professional Life: The Hack You Need!

Life often seems simple if we keep on following the same old hacks and it, without even the slightest application of brain, gets programmed to follow the instructions being laid-out. However, there definitely can be a tinge of fun added to every field, just with a wee bit of innovation and creativity at your end.

Yes, it does make things better, be it any company and profile you work with. Any place you go, your performance will tell about your innate talents and the amount of hard work you invest to working on a skill.

Everything left aside, half of the world’s employees think about quitting their present job and working on a startup. So the question is, what is it that they want that their current job doesn’t provide?

Well, it’s quite straightforward. If given the chance, workers are readily prepared to apply for jobs that are creative and give them the space to use some innovation. Hence, shared below are a few hacks that will help you in the same regard.

It All Starts With a Jolt

Sometimes, a little change is all that is required to flip things upside down. Yes, scoring a great employment offer is a milestone to achieve, but maintaining the exuberance in your job role is another aspect which needs due consideration. It can be anything from maintaining a work journal, wherein you make daily entries and talk about your new learnings to taking coffee breaks after every work assignment you complete.

However, the best solution seems like making profound shifts, while keeping yourself open to risks and failure. Whether it’s stepping away from your work station or changing your peers at work, it’s up to you to unlock creativity.

Dump That Rule Book and Visualize

Next time you meet your colleagues in the meeting room for a discussion over an idea, play with the rule – nothing off the table’. It begins with you to believe that everything stays within the realm of possibility. Lead by example and promote the idea of freedom of thought at the workplace.

Plus, regardless of your role, you need to start visualizing data and ideas to get the rest of the team thinking. This way you will be innovative while collaborating with everyone.

Being inquisitive Helps a Great Deal

An aspect that’s quintessential to being creative at the workplace is asking new questions every now and then. This clearly indicates that whenever you have an out of the box idea, you retrieve an indispensable piece of knowledge from memory and apply it.

Well, the reality is that the most creative people never settle for a single way to go about things. Instead, they keep finding new solutions to the same old problem. This is how Einstein cracked the Photoelectric Effect and this is how some of the greatest minds discovered corporations as big as Google and Apple for us to live in comfort today.

The only way to decipher the case here is applying different perspectives to one situation and making the most efficient pick thereafter.

The Gamification Route

One of the most efficient ways to get the creative juices flowing is making a game out of every task you get at work. For instance, HR management has been one of the foremost fields that apply simple gamified logics to implement policies and get tasks done in the most time efficient way. You can also make it interesting by going for role reversals and stepping into each other’s shoes every now and then. This way, you can always learn more about the kind of work your department deals with.

The list goes on till infinity. Being creative is not a practice, but a virtue you need to understand. Believe in yourself and start expressing the idea lying inside the vaults. Give it some air and see the results for yourself!

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8c17afea0631118ca8ba488a3ca38512Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the globe. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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