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Warning! Your Work Stress Level May be High: Here are the Signs.


Warning! Your Work Stress Level May be High: Here are the Signs.

Work stress is common to many people and has become a normal feature of work. Having to work one’s self out daily and consistently could be damaging and depreciating to the health but many do not know this. Recently I’ve been able to identify times when I’m manifesting the signs of stress. It is both psychological and physiological. Here are the signs of work stress.

Problems sleeping or you’re staying up too late into the Night

When you realize that you rarely find sleep easily, then you are stressing out yourself. At the initial stage your work stress level may be low but consistently when you discover that you can stay up easily so late into the night doing office work or seeing a movie on your computer or mobile phone, your stress level is growing. Some students do notice that after the exam period they find it difficult to sleep due to the stress of having to rigorous reading and preparation.

Loss of Passion or Work Interest

So you suddenly start feeling indifferent about challenges at work or the much carefulness you usually put into your work for quality and creativity is nowhere to be found, then that’s a sign of work stress and mostly it takes longer to control such stress and revive interest. Your apathy towards work increases over time and its a more obvious sign of excessive work stress especially when you’ve worked so hard at getting a result but you’re just not hitting the right button.

Social Withdrawal and Depression

When I was so stressed out at work, I realized that I had not visited Facebook for so long a time. Also, my colleagues started noticing how I unconsciously withdraw myself from conversations and give a sharp reply to anyone who enquired anything from me. To me it was not intentional. Well, I directed all my concentration to finishing a piling work and did not need any distraction. That decision alone was stressing me out and I suddenly became antisocial. That’s stress rearing its head. Beware! When you’re not getting results it gradually degenerates into depression where you’d complain to anybody or do things that will make you look paranoid like the star character in the movie ‘Moms Night Out’

Slight Fever and Headaches

Being down with fever is an obvious effect of stress but slight headaches and fever are just warning signs that you’re putting the body to more work than it is used to. And experience shows that this sign often show up at certain intervals of the day. To some, its after the noon; to others the evening just immediately after work is discomforting. When you notice this, know that the body is taking more than it used to. It is normal to feel tired during and after work or to feel slight headaches and still believe you’re not stressed (which is possible if your body is conformed to that routine)

There are lots of other work stress warning signs like stomach problems, loss of sex drive, using alcohol and drugs to cope and keep you going, fatigue, etc. It behoves you to recognize and quickly work towards managing your health properly for better productivity at work.

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