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Undergraduate Internship in Nigeria; Companies to Look at

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Undergraduate Internship in Nigeria; Companies to Look at

Undergraduate internship in Nigeria is not usually easy to come by but did you know that there are some companies in Nigeria that are just for internship placements? These companies are not so into the face of the public and many undergraduates do not know about them. Are you looking for undergraduate internship in Nigeria? Then there two companies you need to look at


SESEWA is a Yoruba language word short form for ‘Se ise wa’ meaning ‘Is there a job?’ SESEWA specialises in undergraduate internship in Nigeria and works with students throughout their schooling years to help them make important decisions that affect their lives, careers and their future as well. SESEWA has a mentoring scheme where they unite mentor with mentee and also provides a range of career services and helps students develop themselves and become fit for employment after school.

To have access to the services of SESEWA you need to register on their portal (undergraduates or employers). In filling the form, students will be asked certain simple questions concerning their grades and eligibility. To be eligible for undergraduate internship in Nigeria with SESEWA, you must be an undergraduate/fresh graduate with sound academic background


TalentMine is not just a firm into serviced into the provision of undergraduate internship in Nigeria but a special kind that is solely concerned with the finance industry. TalentMine is specialised in training top tier potential university undergraduates for internship and full time positions in the finance industry. TalentMine has helped undergraduate students in securing interviews ad positions with top international companies like Goldman Sachs International and at present, they serve as the Nigerian resource firm for Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s recruitment efforts in Nigeria

TalentMine has a refinery (don’t worry, its not the oil well thingy 🙂 ). Their refinery is what they call their invitation only programme fashioned to train high calibre young people for opportunities in the investment sector. To get geared up with TalentMine, you need to sign up with the Mine; you need to register with them and when opportunities open, you’ll be the first to know.

With these companies, undergraduate internship in Nigeria should not be hard to come by. The challenge has always been to get the right information on which company can do what. Well, now you know two companies to look at when you talk or you are in need of undergraduate internship

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1 Comment

  1. Sola Ayobo

    January 20, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    True, there is also wintern, you should check out.

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