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Types of CV or Resumes and The Right One for You

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Types of CV or Resumes and The Right One for You

How many CVs or Resumes do you have? Or how many times do you edit your CV before placing an application for a position? There are different types of CV one may decide to use for applications depending on the type of position being applied for and the message you intend to pass across to the potential employer.

But before we continue…

You may have heard or read that the CV is different from the Resume or the Resume is concise while the CV contains every detail concerning you and is therefore longer. To clear these off as we move on with this course, Jörgen Sundberg, founder of Undercover Recruiter and Link Humans with 7 years in Tech recruitment, posits that the Resume is short, concise and used in the US and other American countries while the CV is a chronological presentation and basically used in the UK and interchangeably used with the resume in parts of Africa. Bottom line: The CV and the Resume are the same. They are both a ‘presentation of your career/professional life’ or part of it. They are/can be used interchangeably in this 21st century. It is the usage of the words ‘CV’ and ‘Resume’ in the part of the world you find yourself that matters. Now it is the TYPES of CVs that you should really be in the know about.

So let’s continue

Types of CV

Chronological CV:

As the word suggests, it is a type of CV that outlines the professional you in a chronological order usually in the reverse of dates when it comes to educational requirements and work experience starting from the most recent. It highlights your academic qualifications, awards, achievements, work experiences from one employer to the next, hobbies, interests, personal details etc. It has a brief personal statement which plunges the HR Manager/Officer into the skills, qualities and experience you’re bringing to the table

Functional CV:

As the word suggests, it has a function or purpose. This is a more concise approach to presenting your achievements and skills. It is a type of CV that is extremely tailored and is skills based. You’ll have to edit this type of CV also in order to suit it to the skills and qualities as required by the job. It highlights your transferable skills if you’re switching career. With this type of CV you use one stone to kill one bird per time. It is strictly skill based and very rarely used by professionals.

Chrono-Functional CV:

This type of CV is a combination of both the chronological and functional CV because you list your work experience and achievements as well as academic qualifications alongside the various skills, qualities for each job position. All these are presented in reverse order starting from the most recent. Also, like the functional type of CV, it is rarely used in this part of the world

Which Type of CV is Right for me?

For fresh graduates/Youth Corps members, since you may likely have no ‘tangible’ work experience and therefore not aiming at changing careers, stay off the Functional type of CV. This may apply as well to the Functional type of CV. The best at your stage of experience is the Chronological type of CV where you have the liberty of stating your educational qualifications, your acquired skills, your profile summary and any internship or volunteer experience that you may have.

For really experienced professionals who may have had a break in their career or who wish to move into a new career path, the Functional CV is advised to be used. This type of CV does not easily expose any gap a person may have had between jobs and when moving into a new career, it states succinctly those skills that are relevant to the new position

For persons who are not fresh graduates but have worked for some time and need to change jobs (not career path) the chronological CV is a very good tool to use as employers love this type of CV more; no job break is hidden, all achievements and responsibilities are listed and decision can be taken at a short glance. You can also make use of the Chrono-Functional type of CV. But I’ll advise this should be used if it’s a management role you’re hoping to assume from an experienced role. This will give the employer an insight into your work experience and progression as well as a knowledge of the skills and qualities you possess and relevant to the new role.

In a bid to make sure that the types of CV are well understood and best used for the right purpose, for the next few weeks Acegoals shall be starting a Sample CV series where we shall examine all the parts of the CV and you get to be able to write one yourself. We shall dwell basically on the Chronological type of CV. We shall also give samples of Functional and Chrono-Functional CVs. The series shall be every Mondays and Thursdays of the week for the month of March

Sample CV Series

Okay, I’ve been doing all the talking so far and now its your turn. Do you have questions? What do you think about the types of CVs and which do you think best suites you? Use the comment form and please do not forget to share this post. Thank you.



  1. David Damola Ogunyemi

    March 5, 2015 at 10:33 am

    This is great, more grease to your elbow

    • John Bassey

      September 26, 2016 at 9:59 pm

      Thank you sir… I’m glad you find it helpful.

  2. Ikheafe Gloria

    March 27, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    Woow. This is so educating. Learnt a lot from it. Well done sir.

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