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Tope Azeez on #WorkplaceTips – GIVING CHANCES

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Tope Azeez on #WorkplaceTips – GIVING CHANCES

I asked my boss how the interview with one of my referrals had gone. He had delegated it to my senior colleagues. This was their feedback:
“he lacks depth”
“if we are to consider him at all, he won’t be worth up to consultant level”
“i will not be recommending him”
“he has been out of consulting in a while and appears shallow”.

I told my boss that he should see him still and keep an open mind.

My boss met with him and liked him instantly. Few months into his resumption he is suddenly the star of the unit, most presentations to our client board had to be made by him, he is a compulsory addition to new projects, he was dependable to a fault and even got accelerated promotions and benefits even I didn’t have and might I add he also became so close to the so-called colleagues who never thought he was worth the chance.

Sometimes we sit on a self-created and praised pedestal thinking we are the master of all, but that trait alone blinds us to the potential of others. See beyond yourself and give others that chance that someone once gave you.

My name is Tope and there is nothing I love more than seeing the rejected become the chief corner stone of excellence. #MondayMotivation #Leadership #Chances #BelievingInPeople

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