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Top Trends in the Marketing Industry this 2019


Top Trends in the Marketing Industry this 2019

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”

– Jeff Bezos

Change, as they say, is constant. This is also true in the marketing world. Along with the changing lifestyles of consumers, products and offers also change. There is a constant evolution in how brands are presented and consumed.

For 2019, the evolution continues. The cycle of tweaking and polishing brands, products, and offers continue to keep up with the times.

Round and Round It Goes

While there are time-tested marketing principles, the failure to sync with the current tide can make branding efforts lag behind. Traditional strategies and channels may have a proven track record for hooking customers but without your ear to the ground, your usual go-to marketing formula may not be enough anymore.

Out-of-the-box marketing ideas are now an edge when trying to convince customers to patronize your brand or products. If you refuse to look out and see how new strategies help in marketing your offer, then you miss out on the possibilities that it may bring.

For this year, the creative and strategic efforts of marketing gurus have produced several trends that are predicted to shape the marketing industry. These are new-fangled ways of attracting and retaining customers; building relationships that will hopefully encourage brand loyalty.

Here are the top 3 marketing trends that are expected to take 2019 by storm:

1.     AI as a Marketing Tool

More than ever, technology and marketing are holding hands towards a more productive future.

Digital marketing will benefit the most from AI developments as these machines can be utilized for data analytics and other data-driven approaches that can create efficient results. It can help provide more targeted information to enhance and support marketing strategies.

For example, chatbots are predicted to play a larger role as time goes by. It has become a powerful communication tool that can be used for quick and responsive customer interaction.

Voice search is another AI-driven method that is expected to be the standard in the near future. Since search engine algorithms keep on changing, voice search can provide a quicker and more intuitive answers to search queries, with conversational keywords replacing long-tail keywords.

2. Experiential Marketing

With customers craving more unique experiences, experiential marketing is predicted to conquer the marketing landscape this 2019. A company would do well to heed the suggestions made by their experiential marketing agency especially when vying for conquest sales.

Auto shows, product launches, and other marketing events will benefit businesses with a more immersive approach to talking to their target audience.

Experiential activities like test drives, for example, provide prospective clients with a more personal experience in car launches. Through a test drive, target customers will know how a vehicle feels and drives, how its features address their needs, and how the company’s customer service responds to inquiries and requests. The experience of being in the car being launched trumps that of simply reading about it online or in flyers.

With experiential marketing, relationships with consumers can be established beyond the noise of social, digital, or traditional marketing methods. It allows customers to engage with the product using some, if not all, of their senses.

3. Integration of Mobile, Online, and Social Media Marketing

With the use of social media and mobile apps expected to balloon to the billions in the coming years, it is crucial to have an integrated digital marketing strategy.

In fact, there are so many social media apps these days, marketers will be hard-pressed to juggle everything and still have to deal with other digital mediums. It would be advisable if all social media accounts dedicated to customers can be organized and synced to efficiently share, publish, or schedule a post without having to manually log in to different platforms.

Social media integration can also be leveraged to get a better understanding of customer behavior. An integrated dashboard of all online, social, and media traffic can efficiently show you the number of impressions, reach, engagement, and conversations. It also allows you to see comments, messages, and replies in one place.

Straight to the Point

When it comes to the ways and means of marketing to people, there seems to be an infinite vat of creative concepts and innovative ideas. Brand agencies and marketing geniuses can help you come up with the right one to creatively and efficiently address your business needs. With the many improvements in technology and better customer insights, you will also be able to craft the right branding strategy to effectively market your brand or product. Along with significant and relevant information derived with the help of AI and data mining tools, your strategies will go straight to your intended market.

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