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Top 10 Advice to Anyone Starting a Career

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Top 10 Advice to Anyone Starting a Career

1. Know your job well (anything to learn)

2. Do your job well (there’s a limit to packaging, your substance is ultimately what takes you far)

3. Know your company (don’t restrict yourself to your job, know your company’s history, operations, business, value chain etc)

4. Know your industry (read, subscribe to journals, participate in industry debates within limits etc)

5. Be visible in your company (do beyond your job, volunteer etc)

6. Be visible in your industry (write, speak, build thought leadership, participate in industry groups etc)

7. Build a strong personal and professional network (this is extremely important, my own biggest asset)

8. Show loyalty to your organization (take ownership, even if disgruntled): I remember when I was in Oando, I never bought fuel from any other station, sometimes burning extra fuel bypassing stations before getting to the next Oando station. And you all know what I do for my current organization in terms of (unofficial) promotion 😊

9. Share knowledge and train others (teaching others actually helps your own retention)

10. Avoid cliques as much as possible. Avoid eye service.

Bonus: Pray for a good boss. A good boss is a life saver.

Ultimately, these things also help you personally because whatever you know, whatever network you build, remains yours forever.

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