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Tom and Jerry: Did They Lie to Us?


Tom and Jerry: Did They Lie to Us?

Hollywood movies have made anything possible via tricks and technology! Can you recall any childhood cartoon character that was ever afraid of heights or being crushed by a train? Tom and Jerry?

The Tom and Jerry series made our childhood awesome. That’s because anything is damn possible in that world but in the real world? The only possibility is the one you believe, create and trust God to help you achieve. So, did they lie to us? Did Tom and Jerry make us believe nonsense?

From the feedback last week, it seems a good number of persons are taking their own careers by the horn. That’s nice, very nice. If you are a fresh graduate and you’re probably confused on the finding the right job after graduation, here’s a starter for you. Be the CEO of your Career and wait not for your company or line manager to steer or ignite the willingness to improve yourself.

Now, to today’s short charge… Possibilities!

I saw a short video by Steve Harvey online last week and it simply confirmed my beliefs that some of us are just a step away from the success we desire in our careers but we have refused to jump!

Friend, possibilities don’t only happen in cartoons. Tom and Jerry series made us visualise, as children, the absence of fear in falling, hitting, or even being crushed by a moving train.  Today, we have realised it only happens in cartoons but realistically, we’ve only been hindered or held back by our:

– Fear of heights
– Consciousness of our limitations
– Fear of what people will say if we fail

John Mason says: Know your limits – Then ignore them!

Steve Harvey says: Jump off the cliff!

Ecclesiastes 11:4 says: He who watches the wind will not sow and he who looks at the clouds will not reap.

There is always a way; a better way! Don’t be afraid of a crushing train. What you’re afraid of may be your explosive make way. Take charge of your career. Allow God work in your doings. Take the plunge and start! Just start!

Friend, taking a jump does not mean quitting your job, or breaking away from that business partnership or any contrary thing going on in your mind now. Taking a jump is definitely unique to each individual and it means starting up on your ‘big dream’ even where you are now. But if it requires you make a shift, then go ahead. If it means improving or going full scale on your business, please, take that step. Even if it requires you get a new job or work on new strategies, now is the time!

I pray that God crowns your efforts with success and carry you on the wings of greatness to your purpose!

Thank you for reading

Until next time, remain in Grace

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