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5 Things Every Fresh Graduate/Student Should Do Before Getting into the Job Life

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5 Things Every Fresh Graduate/Student Should Do Before Getting into the Job Life

People have heard a lot about students who are not good at math or science, yet these students are using social media to its zeniths. The same students also face unemployability problems when they are checked upon their skills. When you are done with your graduation, then the first thing which can come to your mind is to get a job. This requires mobilization much earlier than you think. Students must take action when they are in high school and if they are on the right track, they will get a job straight away after leaving college. Most of the college students are not doing this and they feel apprehended once they are in the actual job market.

Here are some pieces of advice for them:

  • Develop a LinkedIn profile for yourself: Young people must develop their profiles as soon as they reach their senior years in the college. Even if the profile is not having many attractive things, the student can insert some awards and accolades which can display the skills. Do mention the jobs you have done before, like babysitting or in a summer camp. These show that you are responsible. As you grow up and gain more experience, you can delete them and add new ones.
  • Create your own web presence by developing a blog: Most of the students do not have a presence on WordPress or blogger, which makes them down in the job market. Students can set up their own blog with a personal domain name and install the WordPress CMS on it. This can lead to the development of a career path according to the personal interests of the student. It is not necessary to write on hot topics, just write those experiences on which you feel more comfortable sharing.
  • Enrol in an internship as soon as possible: It is never too early to start interning for a student. The best of the best internships are with those firms which have good market ratings. Having a big name on the resume can pave the way to a successful career in the later job life. Many brand names open doors for students, the real task is to search.
  • Search for a mentor for yourself: Students mostly turn to parents and family members for taking suggestions about their career, but the best help is available on social media. If the parents are working in the same field, then it is perfect to take suggestions from them, but if they are not, then take it from someone else.
  • Utilize the career office at the school: Career guidance is also available at high school for students and they can avail it free of cost. They can also help with resume and cover letter writing or can link you with the employers directly. Alumni set-ups are another source of guidance for students because the professionals there are eager to share their experiences with new students.

So, instead of spoiling your time on the old-fashioned ideas of searching for a job, use the new ones and present yourself as an eligible candidate.

Author Bio:

Ashley Albert is a writer and she has experience of 8 years in the writing field. She has also worked for Expert Essay Writer in UK. She helps students by providing them with tips and suggestions about career pursuits. You can also follow her at different social networks like Facebook, G+ and Twitter.

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