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These Children have great Dreams but Can They Achieve Them #MyAfricanDream


These Children have great Dreams but Can They Achieve Them #MyAfricanDream


In 2012, Sharon was 7 years old and had never been to school. Her dad had passed on and her mum could barely provide one meal per day for her and her 4 younger siblings. One busy Saturday afternoon after an advocacy program, we saw Sharon sleeping by the community walkway. She had a tray filled with goods which she was meant to sell. She was smart and beautiful. She couldn’t communicate properly with us but her smile was enough to melt our hearts. We took her back home and her mum accepted our offer to send her to school. Today, Sharon is one of our brightest pupils and her willingness to learn has encouraged several other children in her community to go to school.


Over the last 3 years, with the help of over 5000 volunteers from 25 countries, we have supported over 600 children just like Sharon to go to school and impacted over 3000 children through our medical support and various psycho-social support programs. These children need our continued support to stay in school.  We have also within this time, renovated dilapidated schools, adopted schools, provided infrastructure and learning aids for children and implemented various outstanding projects.

However, there remain thousands of children who need this opportunity to go to school and bring their dreams to life. Our goal is to find and help them, one child at a time…


As we consolidate on our primary communities in Western Nigeria this school year, plans are in place to extend our reach across the country towards the northern part of Nigeria, where the state of education is really poor.

Our three major goals for this school year are:

  1. We want to provide educational scholarships for 1000 children from 3 states in Nigeria, including the northern part. Most of these children are smart and willing to learn and they need our support.
  2. We plan to construct the ARK School  (An innovative solar-powered low-cost school in the shape of an ark) in Makoko community (Lagos, Nigeria), a community that still has over 5000 out-of-school children.
  3. Slum2school Africa has adopted three (3) schools in Makoko, Yaba (Lagos state, Nigeria) where a computer development centre and an e-library were recently set up for the children. During the school year, we aim to provide the following in the three schools:
  • School health centre
  • Dressing room
  • Early childhood development centre.
  • Play centre
  • Conduct teacher-training programs
  • Employ ten (10) support teaching staff

With N30,000.00 you can keep a child in school for one year. Our goal is to raise N30,000,000.00 through this campaign to help us kick off and complete most of our goals. Through your support we will be able to achieve our fundraising goal and It would be our pleasure to have you donate towards these great projects that will bring love and education to thousands of children and families.

Budget breakdown per child

Donation Channels:

  1. Donations on our indiegogo online campaign:
  2. Donate via quick teller:
  3. Direct bank transfer or bank deposit our Guaranty Trust Bank and Zenith bank accounts


 Kindly complete THIS FORM once you have made a donation on any of our donation platforms. or click on


For supporting our campaign and bringing love and education to our children we have beautiful perks and lovely branded slum2school gifts for you with love from our entire team and our beneficiaries. From our lovely Tees, to our beautiful glass plaque, some beautiful jewelries made by our beneficiaries to our prestigious medals of honor and a huge surprise for some special donors.

The Team Behind This Campaign

We are an increasing team of passionate, dynamic and selfless volunteers who believe that every child across Africa and the world should be given an opportunity to be educated. We don’t just think so, we also go extra miles to make that happen. We work as a family irrespective of our location, profession or Nationality..

Here are some of us sharing our African Dreams. #MyAfricanDream

Here are some pictures of many of our volunteers and our activities: CLICK HERE

Other Ways To Help

There are several other ways you can help us reach our goal!  You can help us to share our message by:

  • SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN:  Send an E-mail to your friends introducing our campaign or share via the Facebook, instagram and Twitter buttons below
  • SPREAD THE HASHTAG- #MyAfricanDream or #Slum2School
    Use this hashtag on social media to help get the word out.
  • TELL A WRITER ABOUT OUR STORY: Forward this on to the journalists and bloggers you know that might be interested in writing about our story.
  • PLEDGE YOUR BIRTHDAY: Birthdays are some of the most exciting days of our lives and pledging to use it in bringing love and education to these children is even more fulfilling..

For further information you can reach us 24hours on any of our social media channels, call us on +234 (0) 814 2828 750, 0700Slum2School or email us: [email protected]

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