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The True Meaning of “Procrastination is a Thief of Time”

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The True Meaning of “Procrastination is a Thief of Time”

There’s this road that’s situated at the back of our apartment.
And, the first time I passed through there, last year, I noticed there were no POS points anywhere along the road.
You’d have to walk down to the junction at the main road, before you’d find one.
I’ve had this plan to establish one and have someone manage it.
But I’ve been postponing & postponing, & postponing & f**kin postponing the idea.
Just this morning, I strolled to buy something down the same road.
And, voila! I saw a new POS stand, facing me, at the exact spot I’ve admired, and planned to establish one, with a handful of people making withdrawals.
E pain me o.
Well, I blame myself 100% sha.
Procrastination is truly an armed robber of time.
And, you see that idea of yours you haven’t implemented eh..
There are millions of people having the same thoughts as you, you’d wake up one day and see someone implementing the same exact idea you’ve been hoarding since.
Start doing it today, and stop wishing.
To your success!.
© Nonso Armani.

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