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The Lagos factor – We’ll build our own Uber – by Nwaka Osakwuni


The Lagos factor – We’ll build our own Uber – by Nwaka Osakwuni

Nwaka Osakwuni is a multi-dimensional PEN-ISH PRO with a strong passion for startup growth. He has built the largest resume writing/online profiles rebranding web platform in Nigeria that is currently used by clients from Vodacom, Guinness Plc, Oracle Corporation, First Bank, Stanbic Bank, Union Bank, CBN, Ecobank, Federal Medical Center (FMC), SPDC, NNPC, Agip Oil Company, Saudi Aramco, NLG, Federal Ministry of Technology, NDDC, Lagos State Government, etc including political appointees.

He relays how most businesses have concentrated operations in Lagos only and how they should expand businesses to other states in the country

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*So, where are you in Lagos?”

A new client called me and that was the first question he asked.

The Lagos factor.

We cannot all be in Lagos. It’s super annoying when everyone you interact with online thinks you are in Lagos.

Lagos is not #Nigeria. Lagos is Lagos

That’s why most service providers have refused to launch in other states.

Uber thinks operating in Lagos and Abuja means that are making money in Nigeria.

This is not fair.

Those of us outside Lagos are suffering. We are not enjoying basic amenities like Uber Taxify, Spectranet Limited, or even ntel.

These companies have ruled out other states in Nigera and see only Lagos as Nigeria.

There are other cities in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurs like us deserve kudos.

Because it’s not easy operating outside Lagos and still deliver a good job.

75% of my clients are based in Lagos. But I refuse to move to Lagos.

If you cannot accept that I’m not based in Lagos, then look for someone else.

If you keep expecting EVERYONE that offers a decent service to be based in Lagos, then you are naive.

Do we call this racism? How can you keep hanging up the call when you notice he/she is not based in Lagos?

This is sad.

If you think we are not qualified to use Uber because we are outside Lagos, think again.

We’ll build our own Uber

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