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The Dangers of Corporate Slavery! By Jimi Tewe


The Dangers of Corporate Slavery! By Jimi Tewe

Corporate Slavery is simply defined as being in a state of extended frustration caused by continuous engagement to a job you hate (influenced by perks it provides or a lack of a better alternative) and doing this at the expense of your future possibilities.

In other words, you keep enduring your work rather than enjoying it, and you do this over a period of time.‎

Again, Corporate Slavery doesn’t mean working at a job. It means working at the wrong job and enduring it for too long.

Dangers of Corporate Slavery include:

(1) Mental Paralysis: After a period of enduring work you hate, your mental capacity begins to shut down and only the needed capacity to ‘run’ your job as it is stays active. In other words, your creativity & problem solving faculty goes on recess. Unfortunately, these faculties are very important to excelling in your career

(2) Creation of Future Regret: Excuses are the cheapest raw materials used to build regret in the future. Fear of Failure, concerns about what people will think, the delusion that a comfort zone gives are seeds of excuse that keep people in Corporate Slavery.‎

I think the worst impact of Corporate Slavery is that a person will never become ALL that God created them to be. How Sad! ‎

Every Thursday in the month of August, I will be teaching a series titled FREE FROM CORPORATE SLAVERY at the Achiever’s Network holding at the Lamborghini Event Centre, 3rd R/Abt, Lekki between 6-8pm.

If you know anyone who is in this state, please invite them on my behalf to attend these meetings. My prayer is that each person will get the push they need to change career paths, change jobs, start businesses etc.‎

Yes, we will also pray during the meeting. It’s a serious matter that requires serious attention!

My name is Jimi Tewe. I used to be a Corporate Slave. Today, I love the work I do.

Kindly help share.‎

Jimi Tewe
Twitter: @jimitewe
BBM Channel: C004B6884

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