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He Stabbed the Boss During an Interview


He Stabbed the Boss During an Interview

Its TGIF and on this special edition we usually bring you unusual career stories for your delight. Sometimes, we give free services too. So watch out for this space every Friday and you may receive a surprise

Today we bring you a rather unfortunate and unusual news event we got this week. Its about a California man who showed up drunk to a job interview at 207 South Sunshine Avenue on a Monday afternoon and eventually stabbed his interviewer who is also the owner of the establishment. Read the full gist below as reported by San Diego News…

A Southern California man’s job prospects are not looking good after he allegedly stabbed the boss during an interview Monday afternoon.
El Cajon police say the applicant, Jose Lopez, showed up drunk to a job interview at 207 South Sunshine Avenue.
When the business owner smelled alcohol on Lopez’s breath, he confronted the interviewee about it.

In turn, Lopez became angry and then got physical, police say. A fight ensued, but when the boss got the upper hand and put the suspect in a headlock, Lopez stabbed him in the arm, according to investigators.
Lopez then ran off, leaving behind one very important piece of evidence: his job application.

When El Cajon police officers responded, the victim showed them the paper that listed the suspect’s name, which they used to find his address.
They arrested Lopez in his home later that day. He has since been booked into San Diego County Jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
The victim was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital for a minor stab wound.
The El Cajon business will undoubtedly be taking more applications.

Well, this is undoubtedly one of the silly mistakes job applicants make during job search; Never go to a job interview drunk, never! What a missed career shot for the fellow. Now his name/news is everywhere. I doubt if any other employer will take him for the next six months.

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