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Special Pre-End of the Year FREE CV EVALUATION SERVICE and More


Special Pre-End of the Year FREE CV EVALUATION SERVICE and More

Wow! We are getting to the end of the year already. 2015 truly has been quite eventful and I’m sure it is same for you.

Before the year eventually runs out, we want to introduce to you a service and an online group which has been on for some time now. Some persons know about it already and it has aided them in getting jobs faster and improving or furthering their career. I believe this concerns both local and international individuals as what concerns career cuts across diverse spheres and there are professionals who can as well help and chip in advice

Now, before I continue, you may ask: “what about the CV e-book that I’ve signed up for?”

Yes! We are still cooking that up and we do not just want to release ‘any’ book and add to the ‘junks’ out there. We’re preparing something really special for you. And if you’ve not signed up, kindly do so at the end of this post


First… They are free for life!


We are starting with the CV. Usually, it is one of the basic issues a recruiter has with applicants. One ends up scouting for the seemingly best candidates and the CV is nothing to write home about. Most times we grab the next available person with an appealing resume with the right talent. The only situation where those with crappy CVs are employed is the situation where there are no alternatives or other ‘best’ candidates or simply God’s grace.

So, we’re bringing to you a Free CV Evaluation Service for all professionals. This service is useful for those seeking to revamp their resume. You think you have a great CV? Why not test it with a sophisticated ATS (Applicant Tracking System/Software). Are you looking for international appointments or employment or you’re looking for a new job in the Banking, Oil and Gas, Consulting, Manufacturing, or Telecommunication industry? Try out your CV  with this ATS to know if it will pass the 30 (Now less than 15 seconds) Test? TRY IT OUT NOW!


Getting a job has now gone beyond just applying online or waiting for the jobs to be advertised. It has more to do with having the right information, connection and talking to the right persons. So, a Facebook Group has been created to help with interviews, applying for the right jobs and having the right connections by networking. This group will contain the right information concerning a job and or interview experiences concerning a particular role which you can always learn from. CLICK TO JOIN THE GROUP and you are free to add others who you know will benefit from this system put in place.

For now, I’ll drop the pen at this point. Thank you for reading. Do not forget to share this information with friends, sign up for Free CV Evaluation Service, and joining the Facebook Group. Waiting for you on the other side… 😉

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