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Silly Mistakes Job Applicants Make During Job Search

Job Search

Silly Mistakes Job Applicants Make During Job Search

Well I did some of it too and it was simply silly. The days of job search could be frustrating and most times we lay blames on the system not being vibrant enough to provide jobs. Most times also, the fault is from us. These mistakes can be corrected and here are a few examples:

Jude was asked by his friend Bunmi to send his CV for a position which is open and he’d be fit for at least his job search is fruitful. After few hours, Bunmi got a message on Whatsapp and was alarmed at what she read: Jude had typed his presumed resume and sent it that way on WHATSAPP like a chat.


Clifford could not contain his joy when he got to the office and learnt that the position he told Janet about was still open and had no contender. So he sent the HR’s email address to her to send in her CV. 30 minutes later, Clifford got an email from the HR saying:

 “Is this the person you recommended for the Office Assistant position? Kindly view her CV in MS WORD”

Clifford could not do that. Why? That’s because the CV is in JPeg format. The job search is null.


Bamidele saw it as an opportunity to clinch the job he has always wanted so he could not wait to apply. After all he is qualified for the position. So he applied. Few hours later he received a mail from the HR saying:

“Thanks for your application. We will look into it (and definitely see nothing!)

Bamidele checked his sent mail folder only to see his last sent mail as


Sent from Yahoomail on Android

The message was blank and he was not careful enough to realize that his CV did not attach to the mail.


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Jakes was optimistic he did well in the interview. He got home, lay on the bed and started chatting with friends. Two days later, three days, four days… no call from the company. Funny enough no one has called the number on his blackberry for the last 20 days. His friend came in and said

“hello Jakes, your friends and some other persons have been calling. Seems you diverted all your calls to my number. In fact I had to keep rejecting all your calls. Especially one that called umpteen times…”

Jakes had forgot to clear the Call Divert on his phone from the last time he had to divert all his calls to that of his friend because his battery was dead. Its obvious all his job search efforts that should produce results have bee rejected.


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Bidemi woke up to the sound of her blackberry phone notifying her of the new email she has received. He quickly opened the mail because the subject read ‘You’re Hired… But Where?’ She read the mail and she realized herself that all the applications she had forwarded to several companies were included in the last one she forwarded.



So you see? Most times no one is to be blamed when you don’t get a job. Always be careful when you send in applications and KEEP YOUR PHONE ON! Return calls to phone numbers not registered on your phone in case you missed calls from such unregistered numbers. Keep track of the companies you apply to as well and always do a follow up.

Share this article with your friends and save them from making these mistakes 😉 Make their job search fruitful!



  1. Chidiebere

    September 11, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Nice Post….

    Many have really fallen along the way.

    This is really an eye opener!

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