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She Had the Best Job Interview But was not Employed for one Reason!


She Had the Best Job Interview But was not Employed for one Reason!

Do you know that a good number of job applicants know how to excel at job interviews at one sitting? The tide is gradually changing from when job seekers are naïve of the best ways of passing a job interview to the point of even giving advice to others on best job interview practices. The internet is here with lots of information for everyone to read.

Last year I was privileged to listen to a speaker who told a short story about a lady who went for a bank job interview, obviously was qualified for the job, but was not given the offer for one reason – a reason even many employees today are guilty of. She had passed the other stages of the interview and was recommended for the job until the last stage where she has to meet with the Managing Director.

Below is a conversation between the MD and the lady

MD: [looking impressed with the interview] So you worked in a bank for four years?

Lady: Yes sir.

MD: That’s impressive and quite an experience

Lady: Thank you, sir

MD: But I think something is missing… During these four years was there no professional qualification you attained or a course you took to brush you up on your chosen career? Because I see that your course of study is Guidance and Counselling.

Lady: Sir, I tried acquiring some other qualification in the profession but there was no time. I worked out so late every day and sometimes had to be in the office to after almost everyone has left just to complete the extra work given to me.

MD: That may be true and I admire your hard work. In fact, you are lucky to have been employed even with your course of study. But since you have no basic academic or professional qualification on Banking and Finance, you should have done something to get one. What do you do with your Saturdays?

Lady: I rest sir. I do house chores, laundry, and some other personal things.

MD: And for four years you’ve been resting and doing house chores and the laundry every Saturday. I’m sorry miss, we cannot employ you. You may have the experience but there is no professional back up and it simply shows how redundant you are at adding more knowledge to yourself or acquiring more skills


The lady virtually cried home and was luckily met on the way by the speaker whom she narrated the story to. She later got a job with another bank with the speaker’s help.

This scenario may be the exact reason your CV was not picked, you were not called back after the first interview or you’ll simply not easily get a job once you leave your present one.

How many years have you been on the job without adding anything to yourself? Yes! You may have the experience and be good at your game or know how to easily change jobs with flying colours at the interview. In fact your firm may promote you on excelling on the job but is that where it ends?

Two, three, four, five years and no professional qualification or training or MSc/MBA? Please wake up! This is what some companies will not tell you – not even your boss. You may be relevant in house but what happens when you suddenly find yourself outside? Will you be relevant? NO one is indispensable.

Change may come at any time. 2019 has not gone far, make a decision to add to yourself not even because of your job but because you do not want to be obsolete in your industry. Good luck!!!

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