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Now That School Resumes… What you Need to Know!

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Now That School Resumes… What you Need to Know!

Summer may just be beginning where you are or its just mid-summer. Whichever be the case, some universities are about to resume studies and you need to prepare for school resumption to enable you excel at all your activities: social, academic, religious etc
To prepare for school resumption, you need to make plans for the semester. Here are some of what you need to know and how to prepare for school:

Fees: You need to make plans for your fees and how to make sure they are paid before exams starts setting in. Most students do not have to cater or provide the fees for themselves. But if your parents do the payment or provide you the money, here are things you need to do.
Get the total amount to be paid for the new session or semester. This includes tuition fees, association fees, medical fees, certification fees, accommodation fees etc
Make sure they are documented on a sheet accordingly. Make it a printed sheet or write it on a clean sheet
Present it to your parent or whosoever is responsible for your fees on time to enable them prepare too and make reservation.

Welfare: To prepare for school, you need to make plans for your welfare. Your feeding and total wellbeing is as important as your studies. When the stomach is empty, the brain’s receptivity or activity in percentage drops rapidly. So make sure you make plans for you feeding, your wardrobe, your cosmetics (yeah yeah.. ladies! 😉 ) and other miscellaneous expenses.

Studies: The most important reason why you are in school is to gain knowledge and get an enlightened reasoning about how to provide solutions to the problems of your immediate environment. Without careful attention to your studies this may not be possible. So draw out a plan on how to study during the semester. A reading timetable is okay for this. Do not forget to make time for group study too. This plan makes you organised and available for social events which are equally important.

Social Life: Please do not kill your social life entirely. To prepare for school you need to as well plan for it. Do not attend social events anyhow and every time. Plan for the most important and profitable ones. Be wary of the environment and how evil the night may be. Never keep late nights and most importantly, be closer to God and your school Christian fellowship.

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To prepare for school you need to make the right plans for the right things. Draw a scale of preference for needs that may be escalating when it comes to finance and time management and all will be well.

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