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This is How I Know Scam Job Offers from Scam Companies


This is How I Know Scam Job Offers from Scam Companies

It is very easy to know scam offers and scam companies from the interview invites they send

Few days ago I received the following text messages:

“MGlobal Consult Invites you for a Test/Briefing @ 161 Ikorodu Rd., Onipanu  B/Stop Lagos. Beside Lanre Shittu Motors on Wed 10/6/15 by 9am. 08022413477″

“MPG RESOURCES INVITES YOU FOR EMPLOYMENT [email protected], Ikorodu rd, Onipanu B/Stop Beside Lanre Shittu Motors on Wednesday 10/06/15 by 9am. Be Punctual.”

The sender IDs of text messages were HR-2177M and CAREER0102 respectively. It was sent the same day and with a 5 minutes gap in between.

Immediately I got those messages, I knew the scam company camouflaging with the titles and trying to exploit job seekers with scam job offers because I’ve been on the trail for some time. This is one of the ways I get to know scam jobs and scam companies and it is a good way you could too.

Job applicants can attest to the fact that it is quite frustrating when you try as much as possible to secure a job only to get annoying messages that’ll turn out to be GNLD or pure scammers (scam firms) if honoured. Some with experience can quickly detect which ones are real and which ones are not. Having spent over two years in the recruitment space, I’ve documented some tips for detecting scam job offers and scam companies and I think you (whether job applicant or not) can borrow a leaf from the methods I shall enumerate, and as well share with others.

Tips or Lookouts for Detecting Scam Job Offers and Scam Companies

You Never Applied: This is most times the case. You’re just in the office or at home going about your normal business and you receive such text messages, just know that a scammer is somewhere sending bulk SMS from a computer connected to the internet. If you never applied then you should never comply.

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The Introduction: I’ve taken particular notice at the job introduction of scam job adverts and few of the time, it always include the word ‘reputable‘. A reputable company would not seek to tell her potential employees that they are reputable. Even if the company does not want to reveal any identity, it will not waste space trying to tell job applicants that they are reputable and real. If it is real, it won’t struggle to thrill.

The Academic Qualification: For some job positions, like Marketer a recruiter may seek for candidates with any qualifications such as SSCE, NCE, OND, HND, BSc, PGD etc. Now that’s understandable. But using such for positions like Customer Service Executive, Digital Marketer, Business Development Executive etc., now that’s worrisome and such job is worthy of suspicion. Scam job offers are prime job scoffers. Beware!

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The Positions: It is common practice that scam jobs come in mass. They’re not just in singles or intermittent and they do not have job descriptions or if they do, it’ll just be a set of descriptions for all. Usually, you may find something like Human Resource Officer, Customer Service, Admin Officer, Receptionist, Marketer +20 more. all listed and what the employer wants is same qualifications and same experience (Entry Level or 1-3 years’ experience) without highlighting skills or qualities. If it is much, be weary of such!

The Application Email: If it is not a custom email address ([email protected] then there is every reason to be weary of such job advertisements. Also, some are smarter nowadays. They register a custom address and still use it for fraudulent purposes and scam job offer interview invites. Always take out the website address and visit or search for it on Google. If it goes through and opens a page, check the career page and contact page for an address. They should align with the job and location of the job respectively. This is because a scam company may be impersonating a real company. If it is not custom, then it is a phantom.

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Interview/Test Invite: Professional and genuine job invite via SMS should contain an address and a phone number for more enquiries. Some from scammers do contain phone numbers so still be careful. Copy the address and search on Google. It may bring out experiences of those who have already fallen victim. Call the phone number if there is one and ask questions around the job position and company seeking for you. Some of these scam job offers and scam companies do not advertise jobs with the name of the company that sends the interview invite. Always verify and it gets simplified!

The list is not exhaustive. These are just quick, on the spot ways to know scam companies and scam job offers. It is better to know these people before falling into their nets than to know them by falling into their pranks. Let others know this. Kindly share…

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