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Samples of Copywriting and Content Writing Interview Test Questions


Samples of Copywriting and Content Writing Interview Test Questions

Are you looking for samples of copywriting and content writing interview test questions? Then your search stops here. I applied for a Copywriting and Content Writing position in a firm and I got a mail some few days later asking me to undertake a creative challenge with a deadline attached to it. At the first deadline given I could not complete the challenge but there was an extension and whoops! I nailed it. So, here are the questions

Timing — By Saturday Evening or latest Sunday Morning (was later extended to Tuesday)

1) Main Brief

Burning calories should be as fun as eating them.

Creative challenge

The issue of weight gain is a global problem. For example, almost half of the people in the UK/USA are either overweight or obese. This is because our lifestyles have changed: we used to hunt and farm, work in tough manual jobs and play outside. Now we sit at desks or in front of the TV, increasingly craving fats and sugars but not necessarily burning them off.

Your task is to create a campaign that is less about preaching the nutritional value of particular foods but instead focuses on motivating children and adults to take part in regular physical activity. The target is to get kids exercising for 60 minutes a day and adults for 150 minutes a week.

Your idea will need to change behaviour. It will need to get people excited about exercising.

The choice of media is up to you. You may choose to present a TV script. Radio ads. A poster. Social media campaign, User Generated Content (Activation). An event. Press ad.

But you must demonstrate how your campaign works in at least THREE different media. And don’t feel obliged to stop there.

Don’t worry too much about the quality of finish on your campaign. Hand drawn scamps are fine, or if you don’t draw too well, find a visual on an image bank site and paste it —I’ll be happy looking at rough work and ‘getting’ the idea.

Do not provide a solution that doesn’t provide TWO examples of your thinking and ONE creative campaign.

And I want a full rationale for the campaign as though you were going to use this in a presentation to the Department of Health (or whatever the relevant organization is you choose).

Other briefs to be completed

2) Write a dialogue in a dark alley (that’s the dialogue in an alley; you don’t have to be standing in an alley writing it!) No more than 200 words. Here’s my answer to this question

3) You are a writer for Wallet size books…Describe the history of the United States in 100 words.

4) Design/draw (can be very rough) 2 posters. One is legislating strict gun-control laws. The other is in support of the NRA (National Rifle Association)



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  4. C.Dear

    July 19, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    This is helpful. It would be nice to see what you created in response to the other briefs.

  5. Elena

    August 16, 2018 at 7:32 am

    I love the creative challenge. That’s an awesome idea!

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