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Sample Interview Experience/Questions (Must Read)


Sample Interview Experience/Questions (Must Read)

I got hold of this interview scenario shared by someone online and I have decided to share because there is something I believe someone can learn from. I highlighted some texts that should be noted from the responses of the candidate being interviewed and the questions of the Managers.

The candidate graduated with a 2:2, is an Engineering graduate and the interview is for a position in the Bank

I made it to the interview stage after two tests. So as usual, I got myself prepared for the interview, researched about the company, got answers to some possible interview questions.

Fast forward to the venue of the interview, I met some other candidates at the gate. Some were with their jotters, rehearsing their answers while others are just whining away time. So I just walk up to one girl that was standing alone to chat up with her before the interview start.

Few minute later, they called in the first person. After about 20 minutes, they called in the second person. Then next they called me in.

The panel was made up of 3 people, a lady with two other men. From what I later gathered, the lady is the zonal MD and the two men were from the HR department.

After sitting down, they requested for my documents and photocopies, which I presented to them. They were all quiet, scanning through my documents until the lady spoke up.

Lady: Can you give us one good reason why you graduated with 2.2

Me: *Silent for a while* Please repeat the question.

Lady: *Repeats*

Me: Well, there is no excuse for failure in life. If I have to give any excuse, it should be why I made 2.1 or first class against all odds and not why I made 2.2. So I don’t think I have any reason to give, even if there is, I wouldn’t say it.

Lady: *Silent while looking at me*

Man1: You just said 2.2 is failure, can you tell us why you used that word failure.

Me: *see as I put myself for wahala* Well, technically speaking, I called it failure because currently in the labor market, 90% of all job vacancy requires 2.1 and above. It’s only few that accept 2.2. And giving the population of the unemployed graduates, having a 2.2 is really a disadvantage. That’s why I used the word failure.

Man2: What do you mean by technically?

Me: Conditionally or under a certain condition.

Lady: Now, does it mean that you are technically a failure

Me: *I don F-up with this word wey I use* Technically am not,*can see the smile/laugh on their faces* If I am, I won’t be sitting right in front of you considering the two aptitude tests that one have to scale before being here.

Lady: Maybe luck was on your side.

Me: Luck can’t just choose only me among all the 100s of candidates that attended the tests.

Lady: Yes it can

Me: *Silent**in my mind, I was like, e b like say na luck carry you reach this position wey you dey now.*

Man2: Now, tell us why we should hire you?

Me: *smiled**didn’t know that the smile was so obvious. So as I was about answering the question, the lady cuts in*

Lady: Why are you smiling?

Me: Nothing ma.

Lady: It can’t be ‘nothing’, tell us why you are smiling.

Me: *Feeling Scared* Nothing ma, maybe it’s because I have a smiling face.

Lady: How can you have a smiling face when you have been boning since you came in here. Even your passport says it all.

Me: *feeling more scared* with due respect ma, it’s nothing.

Man1: If you don’t tell us, I think you should just go so we can call in the next candidate.

Me: *confused and scared, I just decided to say anything* I am smiling because I was expecting that particular question. *decide to add salt and pepper* in fact, we have been rehearsing the answers to this question and some other possible questions outside before I was called in.

Man1: So you already crammed the answers.

Me: Not really.

Man2: Then what/how

Me: Well, I have come up with some possible answer that suits my personality

Man2: And you think that answer is good enough.

Me: *By now, am already confused, so I was just saying anything that comes to my mind* Well, at least, it’s good enough to impress the HR.

Lady: Is that what you think

Me: *Silent*

Man1: Okay. Now answer the question

Me: Well, Let me just say it the way it is in my mind. You should hire me because I’m not going to fail.

Man2: What do you mean by you are not going to fail.

Me: I have been unemployed for a long time, so if given the opportunity, I will do anything that I can to make sure that I don’t go back to my unemployed status.

*All silent*

Me: …things within the banks policy and interest

Lady: Is that the answer you came up with.

Me: No. I don’t want to use it again because it’s just to speak English and doesn’t tell the real me since it’s something I picked over the net and modified.

Man2: Can we hear it.

Lady: No, just leave him *turning to me* You read chemical engineering, and you want to work in a bank. Are you not trying to go off your career?

Me: Well, even though I have a background in engineering, I do not have a career yet until I gain experience in a particular field, from there I can build my career.

Lady: Do you think you can survive in the bank as an engineer.

Me: Engineers are trained to be flexible and adaptive. I believe I can and will succeed in the banking sector. If Mr. XXXX (the current CEO of the bank) and Mrs. YYYYY (one of their Senior Executives) can succeed, I see no reason why I can’t.

Man2: Why are you comparing yourself with them?

Me: Because they both read a course that has nothing to do with banking.

Lady: Name them.

Me: Electrical Engineering and Microbiology

Man2: So you have the faith that you can do it.

Me: Yes. Plus the fact that I always have luck *grin*.

They just burst out laughing.

Man1: Tell us any three recent happenings in Nigeria or policies by the FG that is affecting the banking industry

Me: TSA, Fight against corruption and drop in oil price.

Lady: Explain them.

Me: *did the little explanation that I could* Summary is that money is leaving the bank

Lady: Go, personnel will get back to you

Naso I begin dey go come dey think say I don f-up till just last week, I got a text that that I was successful, that they will get back to be for the next stage.

Typically, the candidate displayed confidence, was honest, was himself, though may have sounded desperate but it turned out the be a reassurance that no matter what, he will perform on the job.

The quick lesson I would love to point out is: always be able to relate your Course of Study to the job, especially if the fields are not related.

I believe you know this piece will be useful to someone; kindly share. Thanks.

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