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Sample CV Series: Academic Qualification/Education

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Sample CV Series: Academic Qualification/Education

Yes. For about one month or more the Sample CV Series has been on hold but today, it’s back on and even better than what was being cooked.

All through we’ve talked about what it takes to fashion a good resume. We started from the Heading and how it needs to catch attention first and then to the Personal Statement or Career Summary. We identified three ways via which it could be written depending on the number of work experiences.  We went further to the Skills or Core Competencies and halted at Work Experience.

Today, it’s time to dive into the Academic Qualification/Education section of the CV writing process. Do not forget we established last time that in writing the CV, your Work Experience needs to come first immediately after the Skills section and before the Education section only if your Work Experience is substantial and germane to the position applied for. This way, you whet the appetite of the employer/recruiter when you first present one of the first things S/he may be looking for. That is the assumption upon which we are on the series. Nevertheless, for positions circling the importance of Educational background in which years of Work Experience is not so necessary, the Academic Qualification takes precedence.

Components of the Education Section

Academic Qualifications: Of course that’s why it is labelled ‘Education’ or ‘Academic Qualification’. Make sure you write your most recent academic qualification; PhD, Masters, BSc, SSEC, NCE etc. In writing the Academic Qualifications, the degree, course and grade obtained should be on the first line while the name of the institution, location of the institution and date should be on the second line as shown below (Note that you could write it the way it best suits your page or what you want to write. But this format enables the employer to rapidly comprehend what is written)



B.Sc. Mass Communication (Second Class Honours, Upper Division),

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State.                                                           (2007-2011)

West African Senior School Leaving Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

Ajayi Crowther Memorial Senior Grammar School                                                                      (2000-2006)


Professional Qualifications: Apart from your academic qualifications, you may also have some professional qualifications by virtue of belonging to a professional institution. It is appropriate to write these below the academic qualifications and do not make the mistake of including abbreviations without writing them out in full.

Trainings: You could include trainings alongside the professional qualifications or write them out separately. If you have Certificates of Completion or Achievement, include it as well

Final Note:

Putting out your CV to an employer is placing yourself to be assessed under the standards or requirements of the job. Once the employer opens your CV, you have a chance of being called for an interview. So, every information on your CV should put you in good light at first glance and other info can be provided during the interview. If the grade to your academic qualification is not favourable e.g a Third Class Degree, it is advisable not to include it on your CV if the job advert does not state that candidates must have a Second Class Upper Degree (2:1) or a First Class degree.

By next time we shall discuss the Personal Details Section of the CV and conclude this series with other attachable sections of the CV that may be necessary depending on the job you want to apply for.

Till next time on the series, kindly share or send to a friend who might need this

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