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SAMPLE CV SERIES #1: The Header!

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SAMPLE CV SERIES #1: The Header!

Welcome to today’s edition of our Sample CV Series. Please note that the objective of this series is to ensure that you, most importantly, have an idea of what a good CV should be and thereafter be able to confidently put pen to paper and come up with yours (even if you may not want to use it).

First of all I’ll like you to know that there is no defined or definite or best format of CV (there are just types). This is because I may decide to include a particular feature in my CV because I probably did something on it (a project) whereas a colleague in the same career has not done such and therefore not necessary.

Today we shall be starting off with the ‘Header’, the first part of the CV. So what is the Header of a CV?

The CV or Resume Header is the first point of contact with the employer or HR manager. It is what first introduces you to your CV or resume viewer. Think of it like a newspaper paper headline. You would not want to read a news story without first reading the headline.

What’s in the CV/Resume Header?

Your Name

Your name (and not ‘My CV‘ or ‘My Resume‘) should be the first on the header and bolder/larger than any other text on your CV. Make sure you use professional fonts and not a stylish one and if you wish, you could use italics. But I advise you make it plain with no styles to be on a safer side.

Experts also advise that to be certain about the size of font, a font size of 18 to 20 and at most 22 should be used. Avoid making it too big or too small. Do not just write your name but make sure that if you’re using the British style, your surname should come first with a comma before your other names or your first name should come (without any comma) before your other names. Examples are below:



BASSEY, John Raymond

John Bassey Raymond


Use any you’re okay with.

Your Home Address:

Your address follows immediately after your name. This is as important as your name. Your address should be correct and in full. Do not use a P.O BOX. Recruiters frown at that as your place of residence and authenticity of where you truly reside may be in question.

One mistake some applicants make is to include an address outside the location of the job placement. Except the job ad says candidates who are willing to relocate can apply, then it is important that you include an address within the location of the job. You may have it in mind to relocate should in case you’re offered the job, that’s no problem. But include a verifiable address (a friend’s, or relations address having given due notification) and be sure that you are close to the location of the job placement before you apply (Lets say you’re in Ogun Sate and you’re applying for a job in Lagos).

You can as well bank on leaving your personal address so that if you’re really qualified for the job, the recruiter will know when and how to schedule an interview and may in the process put a call through to you to know if you are willing to relocate and can make it for the interview. An example of the address along side your name is given below:



113/115 Jesus Saves Avenue, Repentance Highway, Lagos, Nigeria

Your Phone Number:

What easiest way can employers contact you if not via your mobile phone number. Yes! MOBILE phone number and not your HOME phone number. Make sure your phone is within reach at all times as well. This, on the header, comes immediately below the address and the email follows (This is for proper arrangement, you may choose to place yours immediately after your name before the address). Please provide only one phone number and not two or three. Your CV should be neat and not too clustered. Below is an example:



113/115 Jesus Saves Avenue, Repentance Highway, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: +2348022337337


Your Email Address:

Your email address is important; as important as anything else! Many interviews are set up via emails. Some companies seldom send interview invites via phone. All authentic invites I’ve had for interviews, for example, have been via emails and not my mobile phone. Make sure the email address you supply on your CV is accurate and correct because missing even an alphabet bounces any mail by your potential employer.

Get a professional-sounding email and not that gives you away as an unserious fellow (e.g [email protected] or [email protected] is not good for you). If you’re on a job already, make not the mistake of using your office email address e.g [email protected]. No! Get it right, place it below your address and beside your phone number. An example is provided below.



113/115 Jesus Saves Avenue, Repentance Highway, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: +2348022337337 | Email: [email protected]


Your Social Media Account/Website

If you have a blog or website that contains more information about you and is very relevant to the job, by all means include it in the Header of your CV. This could be your portfolio (design) on the internet or your LinkedIn account profile.

Wait! Do not tell me you have no account on LinkedIn! Woow!! Really? That’s about 40% job opportunities or invites that you’re missing. I’m so sure you have a Facebook account: then why not LinkedIn? LinkedIn is not limited by space but your CV is. So any information you’re not providing on your CV, you’re simply telling your potential employer that the information can be fetched from your profile online. An example of placing your link is below:


113/115 Jesus Saves Avenue, Repentance Highway, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: +2348022337337 | Email: [email protected]



So there you go; a sample of the Header/Heading of your CV. Like I said, use what suits you but make sure you follow the rules and comply with the mechanics of good grammar and you are good to go with other parts of the CV.

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Do you have other styles you use for your CV header? Do you think you’re using the right one? Kindly let me and all readers know via the comments. If you have contributions, you can as well ask and follow the comments. This is an avenue to help other readers know what they do not know.

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UPDATE: This is a screenshot of how the header should look like on the MS Word document

Header Sample

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