How to Register with Jobberman as a Job Applicant

Some people find it pretty difficult to understand how to register with Jobberman even as the whole process has been simplified. Also there was a problem I encountered when I just registered with Jobberman. I discovered that on logging out of my account after registration, I could not log in any longer because I had no password configured from the account activation email sent to me to set my password.

Do you have an account with Jobberman? If not, I advise you do today because Jobberman is the no. 1 website in Nigeria for jobs (according to rankings and product/service delivery) and they put you ahead in your job search. Here is how to register with Jobberman as a job applicant.

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>> Logon to www.jobberman.com. On landing on the page, you get a pop up that looks like the image below or if not just click on Sign Up at the right top corner of the screen (On Desktop)

Jobberman Pop upSign Up 2

>> Fill in the form on the next page that opens and upload your CV (you can also do this later)

Sign Up 3

>> You’ll be taken to a success page where the percentage of your profile completeness is shown to you

>> At this point, you will have to check your email for an activation link which will enable you to change or have a new password.

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>> After that, you will have to complete your profile because you will not be able to apply for jobs except your profile completeness is at least up to 80% – 90%

>> Complete your profile and you are very good to go in applying for the right jobs

So that’s it: How to register with Jobberman as a job applicant. It is quite very simple and takes lesser time if you know your way around making use of the computer very well.

With this tutorial, a newbie can as well easily know how to register with Jobberman and be successful with job applications.

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In case you need more clarifications or you are encountering some difficulties, you can use the comment box to ask questions and I’ll respond almost immediately 😉 Or simply use the contact form on the contact page.



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