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Quotes and Nuggets from Youth Alive Conference


Quotes and Nuggets from Youth Alive Conference

The Lagos Mainland District Youth Ministries just concluded the much talked about Youth Alive Conference and various guest speakers were invited to for the programme. Thanks to the Media Team the quotes and nuggets were not left flying to the winds without capturing them with ink and paper. Below are the quotes by Gentle Shedrack, a notable guest speaker that thrilled the populous youths in the programme.

Gentle Shedrack Preaches the word of Grace to this generation. Has the mandate to deliver the oppressed in this generation through the preaching of the word Gods Grace. Impacting men for creativity in this generation by preaching the word of Gods Grace.

The ark was a small box but it represents the presence of God
God’s back is the past and His presence is the future
God shows us the past and tells us about the future
When God’s presence follows you becoming a champion is easy
During Saul’s reign the presence of God (The Ark) was not with him
Even if an animal carries the presence of God it will have divine direction
The presence of God has both negative and positive results
You may come from a family that has no name but when God’s presence is on you, you will make history
Creating an atmosphere of worship helps us to retain God’s presence
Happiness is created by things around you; Joy is a spiritual force that quickens your life
The more the presence of God becomes real to you, the more simple life becomes
When God’s presence is with you, your mistakes becomes a miracle
When God’s presence is with you, what makes others afraid gives you courage
When God’s presence is with you, He gives speed to overtake those that started before you
A sitting position is a position of rest
To connect to God’s presence you need men God has spoken to their life to activate it
One of the keys that can make you a champion is to value yourself
Sometimes God allows people you respect to abandon you
You can have a child in a wrong way but it does not mean the child is a wrong child
When God wants to make a man a champion, the people you think are important; God pushes them away and use people you don’t expect.
Failure begins from self-rejection. You are not a failure because you failed but because you accept defeat
There is a God that steps in every hopeless situation
When God decides to bless you, He can even meet you at the bus stop
God can never underpay anybody
People may look down on you but don’t look down on yourself. Value yourself!
Isaiah chapter 4:1 deceives ladies in this generation
God will always make a way for you to showcase your strength.
Words are the only injection that makes kings and champions
If you add value to yourself, the champion in you will emerge
No covenant child dies anyhow
In times of trials, covenants will always prevail
Anytime covenants come in, anything can happen
If you want to be a champion, go back to your covenant with God
Most times what God demands from you is what you cherish most.
The reason why God puts you in your family is to change that family
Jephthah was rejected but Jephthah did not reject himself
One of the attributes of a champion is that they buy knowledge
One of the keys that can make you a champion is to value yourself
One of the attributes of a champion is that they buy knowledge

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