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The Outburst of a Nigerian Graduate!!!

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The Outburst of a Nigerian Graduate!!!

Guys…….. Why are we so wicked to ourselves???? As a graduate, I have seen a lot while
searching for a job before i stopped though wanna ask this ques…… Why are our fellow male counterpart so wicked that they cant employ guys like them??
Why is it that any little opportunity someone gets here in nigeria, he/she uses it to intimidate others???
Imagine a situation where your hunting for dsame job with.a lady, before yu know it,
she gets d job with her body buh the question remains……. When yu use your body to get a job… Are yu ready though to continue same excercise cos any day yu says no to your boss… There it ends…
Here is a fact which i have observed….. Ladies always see men as their torchlight
cos they believe all men r same n can easily b confused using their body assets to
manipulaye yu get whatever they want n go away.. Most atimes… That gal yur dying to impress just
to sleep with her already knows what yu want… She plays with ya brain, gets what she wants n leaves..
Guys…… No matter what… We need to be helpful to eachother not just being after our selfish desires

I got this short update from a group on Facebook and many things kept rushing through my mind even as a Nigerian graduate myself. You may consider it funny, you may consider it an outburst of frustration or simply an expression of himself but I want you to consider the following points…

Its on Social Media: And not just a closed one but an open fora where your updates shall stick to your personal wall or timeline. No one has the right to censor you or limit your access or freedom on the social space but some things are best not said in the wrong manner or tone and even in the wrong English.

It is Insulting: I wonder who the comment/update is actually directed to? Put yourself in the shoes of the employer who goes online to check out the respective candidate and reads “…She plays with ya brain, gets what she wants n leaves”

There’s Truth in it: …and who does not know? Right from the days of the University/College, it happens and almost in all parts of the world. But putting it through in this manner, tone and outburst only puts one more strain on how successful the job search could be. Despite this setback stated, many still get jobs out of merit so this should not be an excuse not to be gainfully employed.

Would You Employ Him?
I’ll leave this to you to truthfully answer!

Recruiters are smarter now and they do not just rely on the two page black and white piece that they have of you. They want to know more about you; especially your online presence and life. Do you really need a job or still keep the one you have presently? Then be careful of what you share or write on the public social space. If it ain’t worth it, then don’t tweet it!

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