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Nominate For the Nigerian Blog Awards, 2014


Nominate For the Nigerian Blog Awards, 2014

Hello there! The NIGERIAN BLOGS AWARDS is up again for this year 2014 and here at Acegoals we believe that at least we deserve an award in TWO of the categories…

So we sincerely ask for your kind gesture in nominating in two of the categories namely:

BEST CAREER BLOG: This can be found on number 4

We believe that we have provided some of the best career articles that can really propel the job seeker to aim for the best and as well the employee to improve in his/her career and this award only just encourage us to do more and provide more service in the future which will be free.

BEST NEW BLOG: This can be found on number 15

We started 6 months ago and this qualifies us to be part of these awards and so far we’ve got what it takes to get these award. We do not copy and paste articles instead we source, research and write all articles on so we are good and up for this.

Kindly click this link to nominate us now. We believe we can ACE this but not without your help that’s why we need you to just follow this link and just type (without the ‘www’ or ‘http’) to nominate us.

You will be asked to provide your name and email. After the nomination, an email will be sent to you. You will have to log in and click the activation link to conclude your nomination. Your nomination will not be counted if you do not click the activation link on your email.

Thank you very much! We are grateful!


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