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NIMC is Corrupt and Workplace is Toxic: Staff Laments


NIMC is Corrupt and Workplace is Toxic: Staff Laments

Note: This report is unconfirmed and should, therefore, be taken, shared, distributed etc. with caution.

A supposed staff of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has come up to lament the state of the workplace at the giant identity body. The body solely committed to issuing the national identity cards and carry out other national identity related duties in Nigeria has, however, not come forward to debunk or released a statement concerning this alleged toxicity and corruption wallowing at the workplace.

As shared on a popular Nigerian Forum, do read below:

Cheating in its height at the *National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)*

The management of the National Identity Management Commission has deployed what can be referred to as modern slavery against her workforce.

The rules are nothing but mere letters and are not followed at all in this commission which has brought about agitation that the corruption in this administration is beyond what the nation has ever seen.

Firstly, the issue of salary at this commission needs urgent attention of the government, staff does not have any stable salary and the salary is always reducing in spite of promotion of staff. The recent case is the case of around 30% reduction in staff salary despite promotion which made staff receives far lesser salaries to what they were earning even before promotion. Also, there is irregularity in the take home of staff on same grade level, some staff on same Grade Level who were in fact employed the same day receive different salaries with around N11,000 difference.

Another is the issue of promotion, promotion in this commission is based on who you know and not on whether you are qualified and due for it. The recently concluded promotion was quite unfair and beyond what any reasonable explanation can justify. Staff who have spent well over 3 years on their previous posts were not promoted while staff who merely joined the commission in less than 3 years got double promotion as against the public service rules.

For over 12 months now, the enrolment centers of the commission have not been funded and there are always memo requesting that enrolment figures should be doubled. This has resulted in staff using their personal monies to fund the office or resorting to applicants for financial assistance.

The working conditions in the offices are poor and hazardous to health yet no hazard allowance or any allowance at all is received by staff.

For over 4 years now, Pension and housing fund has been deducted from staff salaries but not remitted to the appropriate agencies. Also, staff are being owed 28 days allowance, promotion arrears and nothing has been said about it despite the commitment of this present government to payment of those allowances.

In all of these, staff are constantly doing their bits as enrolment figures roll in every day. The management on the other hand are far from doing their part as they have failed to provide the motivation and the necessary tool needed for the smooth running of the organization. They have even failed the public by not producing their Identity Cards as at when due.

There is need for the public to know about this so that there will be intervention from the appropriate quarters.

We hope the authorities address all the issues raised and the right actions are taken promptly.

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