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Need A Job this year? Here are Basic Ways to get Employed

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Need A Job this year? Here are Basic Ways to get Employed

Do you need a job this year 2015? Do you have to switch jobs, change career or possibly take up something new in a new work environment or workplace this year, 2015? Then there are some things you need to do differently and some other things you’ll have to focus on for you to achieve a milestone in your career or get a job seamlessly

Let Someone Know

…but not everyone. It is profoundly sad how we keep quiet about things that truly bother us and yet we expect miracles to happen. The bible says “Ask and you shall be given” (Matthew 7:1). Apart from the prayers we say to God, it is not out of place if you make a request to a high school friend, a room mate or a former NYSC Corps mate who is well placed, for a job or any information as regarding a position in a firm. But that should not mean your Facebook and BBM updates should carry the news that you’re looking for a job or seeking to switch jobs.

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Look Around

Sometimes we loose knowledge of what is in our immediate environment just because we’re looking too far away from our present selves. Are you a Christian or a Muslim? Where do you worship? What kind of BBM contacts do you have? How long have you known that neighbor next door? Who are your mates and who are their parents? Hope you’re getting the drift. There’s probably someone somewhere that is in one way or the other connected to you and a top manager or Human Resource person. Its like a ladder starting from below with series of nails holding bits of wood to get to the top. Look around and connect!

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Flaunt What You Have!

Looking forward to being in a great company is not what you just dance into. It is something you have to prepare your mind for and work towards. It is about knowing what you have and showing it to the world to see. I’m talking about your skills and marketable personalities! Not the conventional ones like ‘creative’, ‘innovative’, ‘team work’, ‘computer literacy’. Yes those ones are awesome! They are good. But 99% of other job seekers have them so what make you a different candidate from them? The best skills you can have are the skills with experience and relevance to your career. So seek them out and decorate them with valuable training and experience then flaunt!

These are just basic things you need to do. Its like a start up to the advanced steps you’ll take when the arena gets interesting. As things and events begin anew, better ways of doing things are evolving. You may want to take a different approach to beat the imaginations of people. That’s a good thing and its to your very own credit. Several persons have had to even do a bill board advert seeking for a job. Now employers and managers can’t ignore that.

These are just basic steps. My next post will be the advanced steps for getting a job this year. I bet you that you’ve never heard or read something like it before. Don’t miss it. Subscribe to our post updates and jobs alert and you’ll be the first to be in the know…

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