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Nature of Marketing Jobs in Nigeria: Why People are Scared of it


Nature of Marketing Jobs in Nigeria: Why People are Scared of it

On the 20th of November, 2014 the news was agog with reports of how the Central Bank of Nigeria condemned the nature of marketing jobs in Nigeria. According to the report, commercial banks in Nigeria were warned against placing unrealistic targets on their Marketers. As usual, comments began to flow in on the recent happenings with the marketing jobs in Nigeria; the career and the industry.

On a popular online meeting place for intelligent professional, a user has this to say

This one is not I heard it, I know a friend who works for two different banks as a DSA( Direct Selling Agent), the glorified name for marketer. One of the jobs is paying 35k and the other 40k.

I asked her a simple question whether the job doesn’t clash especially where she has to deal with same set of customers?, and she said it does clash because she went back to her old customers to open accounts with this new and different bank and she said most of them chased her away Lol. For the job of 40k, she said her target is 3,000,000 in a month and 27,000,000 in six months and I screamed!

Lol, I don’t blame her though, imagine a graduate being paid this kind of peanuts and yet that’s all the entitlement, transport, feeding, up keep all in 40k, in this crazy city of Lagos were transport alone can send one packing to the village. Outsourcing has spoilt plenty things.

Everyday it gets worse especially with banks and insurance institutions. Many have likened the warnings of the CBN as that of a toothless bulldog who can do no harm but bark. The reason is not far fetched; hope and trust has been lost on the CBN as this trend has been for years without the Federal Government of Nigeria and the apex financial institution doing nothing about it as common with all other Labour issues being paid a blind eye.

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Even those who studied Marketing in the University do not wish to practice their profession because of the nature of marketing jobs in Nigeria. Instead they diversify to other careers while the industry continues to be filled by hustlers and those who only wish to make ends meet as a result of unemployment in the country.

When I hear or read the inhumanity melted out to bank or insurance marketers, I wonder why the inglorious slavery has been allowed to trend for years. Imagine being paid less than 1% of what you’re to bring in in a month for a company. That’s wickedness and exploitation that’s totally uncalled for. Some banks/companies disguise it for Direct Sales Agent; a ceremonial garment for glorified slavery.

When I see staff buses of top insurance companies conveying employees to work, I know that behind those well ironed suits and feigned comfort the marketing staff or Direct Sales Agents puts on lies a painful and groaning cry for a way out of the system, and what’s out there? Uncertainty and unemployment in capital letters!

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At this point I agree with the popular lyrics of the music legend Fela which says that most Nigerians are actually suffering and smiling because nobody seems to care. The Labour Union may claim to be in oblivion of the nature of this inhumanity. Employers are holding sway a right that is unchecked, unguided and unmonitored. It is because of this reason that people are scared of the marketing profession and mostly OND and HND graduates are trapped in this dilemma.

What is the way forward for marketing jobs in Nigeria? I call on the Central Bank of Nigeria to move and come to the aid of Marketers and Direct Sales Agents who are victims of these Banks and Insurance institutions. Its better done now! Too much talk and no action is what has become the order of the day with authoritative institutions in this nation and help is needed now! Save the Marketing profession and make it an enviable industry for graduates to always look up to upon graduation and people will go into the profession, learn and then move to create opportunities for others who which to practice same. The Nigerian Labour Congress should not keep quiet. Even the affected should push complains to the appropriate authorities and hope that someday something will be done.

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