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My Sincere CV Advice to Job Candidates

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My Sincere CV Advice to Job Candidates

Job candidates, whether active or passive usually come to a point where they ask “Is my CV being read by employers at all?” or “Is my CV not good enough to get me a job?” Though you can actually know whether an employer opened your CV or not, there is no guaranty that such CV will get you the job or impress the recruiter.

Recently I received an email from a reader to assist in giving “any observation, comment, or advice” concerning his CV as he’s making preparations for his NYSC program. I delayed for some days due to a tight schedule and had to do a rewrite of the CV later. After his appreciation, I replied with some advice for writing his CV and after reading the sent mail I wrote myself, I thought it’d come in handy for others trying to rewrite a CV. Kindly find it below:

You’re welcome.

Though I must explain some parts (of the CV I rewrote) to you.

1) At the Core Competencies and Skills, this is where you have to sell yourself. All things that you know you are competent at and skillful in.

2) Though Personal Details should not come up there but you are still pretty young and it’s an advantage for you because companies love young entry level employees.

3) I removed Your Blog on the CV because in a way or the other it is not necessary or relevant for now. BUT using your discretion, if there are some jobs that will require that you have a blog or you know showcasing your blog is an advantage, please include it before you submit. That is why it is not advisable to use one CV for all jobs application. No. You need to remove or add any info that you know would increase your chances of being called for an interview.

4) Your hobbies/interest are quite worded but I left it so because I find it different from what it’s supposed to be. But in situations where you’re battling for space (e.g when you include your skills or include your NYSC) it has to be less because there is really no need to give so much space to what the recruiter will give little or no attention to.

[tweet “(On your CV) there is really no need to give so much space to what the recruiter will give little or no attention to.”]

I’d love that you rewrite your Career Objective. It’s quite okay for now but you have tangible experience in communication so a little ‘show off’ on those lines will go a long way.

5) As much as possible, try and quantify your achievements. In fact, the latest style in CV writing is that accomplishments have subtly replaced mere responsibilities. So, as time goes on, replace those responsibilities with your achievements, do not separate them. This will allow for space for other important parts of the CV.

6) Finally, your CV should not be more than two pages for your level. Try as much as possible to make it so as you may soon have to add other things on it. Do not also forget the golden rule in CV writing:


[tweet “If it’s not going to get the job, do not include it (on your CV)”]

It’s not everything you include on your CV. You have to keep editing as you apply to peculiar jobs.



So, there you have it.

There are just basic rules for writing the CV. Follow them wisely and use your discretion in adding other info that may be relevant to your job application.



  1. Rizwan Khan

    June 7, 2016 at 5:40 am

    A very helpful message, thanks.

  2. Adelami Stephen Adebayo

    June 28, 2016 at 11:12 am

    Sir, can you please mail a copy of prepared CV to me or I send you mine for correction sir.
    I’m an awaiting corper of Batch B and due to resume camp by October. I love to get my CV ready before I conclude the exercise. Thanks in anticipation sir.

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