‘MINUTES OF THE MEETING’ – A Valuable Skill by Olayinka

Olayinka Agbaje-Williams is the Principal and CCO at Brand Varsity, where he oversees the organisation’s strategic brand course, media portfolio, network of content contributors, developers, training catalogue and calendar, as well as other startup development initiatives.

He recounts how taking minutes – considered an insignificant skill – has become an invaluable skill that made him famous amongst top professionals and eventually he moved from taking minutes to preparing marketing plans, budgets and eventually BIDS.

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Many years ago, I got a job as a technical member of an e-Learning team, in big tech company.

On my first day at work, my HOD called for a meeting and I being the youngest and the only member of the department not wearing a suit, took the minutes.

My minutes impressed the HOD a lot, and from that day on I became the official minutes taker in the company.

Being that my HOD oversaw the technical aspects of the organisation, and was second-in-rank to the managing director, I got to sit in so many meetings, just because he needed me to take minutes.

My “minutes-taking” fame soon spread, and different HODs started calling me into the boardroom to join in meetings I knew nothing about, and many times I would be whisked away into corporate cars (and boats) to destinations unknown to meet with local and foreign clients and partners; just to listen in and take minutes.

Then the managing director too got in on the act, and I started joining him in meetings as well in, to the point that I moved from taking minutes to preparing marketing plans, budgets and eventually BIDS.

Despite your many qualifications, the skill that would uplift you might seem insignificant to you, but do every little thing with excellence, and that’ll take you to the big league.

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