How to Subscribe to Mobile SMS Jobs Alert for Free in 2017

Are you looking for a job alert subscription service or are you simply tired of MTN job alert subscription fee you’re forced to pay even without a desire to continue with the service after a certain period of time? Then I bring you good tidings! Read on.

There’s nothing that can be lost on mobile when it finds a way through the Short Message Service (SMS) to get to your device. No matter how intrusive (or extrusive? Nahhh. This is not Geology class) it can be, you must read/open it, right? At least to get rid of that tiny message notification sign on your Android phone before you miss an important message (say… an interview?) just by ignoring them! That makes mobile SMS is a viable means of being on top of your job search or career journey.

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You can now get live job alerts via SMS without subscribing to your mobile network service provider. It’s as easy as sending a message to a certain code and getting all updates. So let’s get on with it

How to get Job Updates via Job Alerts Subscription for Free

In order to get job updates or alerts via SMS, follow these steps

  • Determine which jobs website or career portal you’d love to keep a tag on or get updates from. For this purpose, we shall use Jobberman.
  • Go on to twitter.com, search and get the Twitter Username of Jobberman (i.e Jobbermandotcom)
Jobberman.com Twitter Page and Username
Jobberman.com Twitter Page and Username
  • Go onto your mobile device and type ‘Follow Jobbermandotcom’ (without the quotes). Now send to 40404
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40404 job alert subscription
40404 Job Alert Subscription for Jobberman

You’re DONE!

You’ll receive a message immediately that you’re now following updates from Jobberman and how you can opt out should you want the updates no more


You might want to ask what you just did. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

Basically, you’ll be getting SMS of updates from Jobberman but this service is powered by Twitter.com. Twitter’s 40404 service enables anyone to get alerts via SMS on the updates of whoever they want to keep a tag on twitter if they subscribed to it. Whether the subscriber is on twitter.com or not, anyone can use the service

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Also, this means any update from the @Jobbermandotcom’s handle will get to your phone and not just job alerts. But I believe since Jobberman is concerned with recruitment and job updates, you should get relevant alerts via SMS. Besides, you could opt out at any time.

So go on, subscribe to any twitter handle (e.g @Acegoals) and get alerts relevant to your career or job search.

UPDATE: For Glo users, use 20644 instead of 40404

NOTE: You might need to have at least #10.00 on your mobile but it is completely free and your money will never be deducted.

To your success!

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