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Jobberman Launches the Best 100 Nigerian Companies Campaign


Jobberman Launches the Best 100 Nigerian Companies Campaign

Jobberman has launched its Best 100 Nigeria Companies Campaign in order to give employees the opportunity to rate the companies they work for in terms of work culture, benefits, work environment etc.

Now in its 4th edition, the Jobberman Best100 Nigerian Companies is the most comprehensive, candid, up-to-date guide to the user-voted best companies in Nigeria to work for. 

The Best100 report features a ranking of the nation’s most prestigious companies and serves as a staple benchmark for all prospective employees to assess the key characteristics that make your company top of mind for current and future employees. 

The 2018 report received wide acclaim and was extremely well received by all companies. This year JObberman wants employers to be deeply involved in it.

In addition to the survey, Jobberman is providing more ways for employers to get value out of this report (employer branding):

1.Deeper Insights: Jobberman can collate responses from comapany staff and provide detailed feedback on what traits they desire in a company, their flight risk status and overall job satisfaction. Jobberman can go one step further to profile their company against similar companies and provide comparisons.

2.Company Showcase: Jobberman can visit emploeyers’ offices, conduct interviews with staff and produce content (videos, articles, pictures) that they can use to showcase their desirable office and employee culture. Jobberman can go one step further to share this content on their distribution platforms for added visibility.

3.Advertising in Report: The last report had over 50,000 downloads, with millions of impressions and with an even bigger release this year, employers can place their company in this report and position their brand in front of millions of relevant eyeballs.  

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