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Job Websites in Nigeria: How to use Jobberman

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Job Websites in Nigeria: How to use Jobberman

Sometime on Nigeria’s most popular forum someone posted this…

I had been applying for jobs through Jobberman since I finished service feb 2014, I got no responses even though I applied for more than 5 jobs per day. But early this month I got a mail asking me to attend an interview somewhere around ikoyi. I went and I got a success mail the next day. Also started work the following week. The pay and working conditions are beyond my expectations too. Just posting this to encourage people to apply for jobs especially the confidential ones on Jobberman because I think that’s where the real deal is.

Some of the comments that followed showed that some persons did not believe in the testimony at all while some bluntly gave some encouragement and shared their testimony as well and what they think about the whole system.

After reading the above comments, I realized that most jobs boards in Nigeria are being underutilized for jobs search. So I’ve decided to chip down on how to use Jobberman effectively for job search. Subsequently, I shall also bring to you the versions of other jobs websites in Nigeria. So here goes…

How to use Jobberman for Job Search

Register on Jobberman

The first thing you have to do is to complete all the registration process on And guess what, it takes less than 10 seconds to do that. This is important so that you won’t miss out on the numerous job adverts posted every day. Register today.

Set up your Jobberman Account Profile

After you’ve signed up on Jobberman, its time to set up your account profile for your specialization. Your profile bar indicator have to be at least 80% or more and the reason why this is so is because Jobberman wants you to be found by employers even without you applying for any position at all. Employers sometime pay to search on their database of CVs using the profiles of job applicants registered on their website. This is one of the best ways any applicant can enhance his/her job search by using the Jobberman platform.

Set up your Jobberman Email Jobs Alert

This is as well important but not as important as setting up your profile. Setting up your email jobs alert enables you keep abreast of those jobs that you are specifically qualified for. This helps to sieve out the unimportant vacancies or job adverts that require experience higher than what you have. Inasmuch as it is very important you set up your email jobs alert, I’d advise that you do not solely depend on it. I’ll tell you why later; keep reading…

Download the Jobberman App

The Jobberman app is another outstanding way to keep up with recently posted jobs on the go. The good thing is that it is exclusive for job seekers. In other words, it is an excellent management system for your job/account profile on Jobberman. It shows you jobs on the general board and enables you to search for specific skills or profession! It also lists for you jobs that you recently applied for. Now here’s the best part… It is available for download on the Blackberry app world, Android Google Play store, Nokia store and the iPhone Apple Store as well. Download them today and never miss that vacancy again!

Visit the Website Always and Apply Early!

Aruosa Osemwegie wrote a book: Getting a Job is a Job. The practical aspect of the title of that book I got to know later having been in the industry for about 2 years now. There are thousands of persons looking for jobs every day and Jobberman has a bulk of such traffic on their website every hour. This is one of the reasons why you should not depend alone on Jobberman email jobs alerts because even if jobs alert are sent to you 3 times a day, some other smart job applicants must have applied earlier. Being amongst the first 10 to 20 job applicants gives you a chance at being called for an interview and who would not want to be tops amongst applicants?

Do you have any concern or questions you want to ask? Please feel free to ask and contact us using the contact page or by dropping a comment. Do not forget to share this article as well. The next post on jobs websites in Nigeria with will to you how you a review on how can best use other jobs websites in Nigeria. Good luck!

Image source: HumanIPO



  1. Dorathy

    May 29, 2015 at 9:16 am

    I’ve been finding it difficult to sign up on the jobberman app. Whenever I get to ‘select location’,’select education’ or ‘select experience’, it does not seem to input anything I type.

    • John Bassey

      July 14, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      Hello Dorathy,

      I think it’s better to register on the website instead of the app as this is faster and you’re sure your CV will upload properly.

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