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Job Search Strategies You Must Adopt this Month

Job Search

Job Search Strategies You Must Adopt this Month

Job search strategies are a part of daily goals every potential employee must have. Until you are satisfactorily employed you need to keep searching. Most persons search for jobs the wrong way; or at least they have poor job search strategies that need to be upgraded this month. It is said that doing one thing the same way and having the same results, again and again, make one foolish if other methods are not examined and utilized. Below are job search strategies that are must do this month.

Fashion a Killer CV

I cannot but keep reintegrating the need for a great CV in your job search. This is one of the most important job search strategies you must adopt this month. It is a must do! A good CV will always get you the interviews of 80% of the right jobs applied for. Applicants who recognize this strategy as important go further to pay for the service from good career and human resource firms. Here’s my advice: if you’ve not gotten any interview for the last two months for jobs you rightly applied for, check you CV and fashion a better one.

Apply for Jobs Early

A secret to having a gainful job is early application for the right job. Don’t just seat at home visiting friends, playing Xbox, seeing movies without strategizing on how to apply for jobs early before thousands of other applicants. Make of list of job boards you’d love to subscribe to and use for your job search. Monitor the time of the day they start posting and write the time beside each website and follow up daily. I did an experiment on this strategy and discovered this is one of the top secrets to landing a gainful job. Within two to three weeks of applicants being on the first five of those that applied for a particular job position got nothing less than two interviews each. It works! Look out for job search apps or apps of the job board you’re subscribed to. Check the app or visit the website every one hour or 30 minutes (as suitable for you) because email alerts may not just be enough.

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Use LinkedIn:

Your job search strategies may not be yielding positive results? Then it’s time to use LinkedIn! LinkedIn is the biggest website for professionals and top connections and network of people who are either employed or looking for jobs. Some persons do not know that some recruiters actually check out if you have a LinkedIn profile and how well engaged you are there before taking a decision as to whether they want to meet you. LinkedIn gives you a professional outlook and puts you on edge in your job search. Also, you get to apply for jobs, join professional networks, send mails to HR Managers directly and get to connect with top CEOs and recruiters that may check your profile and call you up for a job if they are convinced that you are fit for the position.

Lookout for Open CV Upload Websites

Over one year experience in the human resource/recruitment sphere, I’ve realized that a viable option in your job search strategies is to Google out companies that allow you to upload your CV pending when there is a vacancy that suits you in the firm. I’ve had testimonies of persons who were just called up for an interview without application. Their CV just fit for a particular position and they’re called up for interviews. Add this to your job search strategies for this month and see things change.

Use Referrals and Grow your Network

This strategy is one of the least utilized job search strategies today. Do you have friends, uncles, aunties? Are they in top positions in a firm? That’s a chance for you to step your game up and land a job this month. Approach them politely and let them know you’re job searching and you available. Don’t stalk them but remind them at intervals that you’re still looking out for a job. Grow your network. Attend events and connect with people in your industry. Get their contact and give them a visit at the office.


There may be one thing or two you obviously did not do right last month. Don’t worry, this is another month new strategies and thank God you’re reading this. So try out the strategies explained and I bet you things will surely change remarkably.

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