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Issues Recruiters may find with your CV During CV Screening

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Issues Recruiters may find with your CV During CV Screening

CV screening is one of the ways companies get their best candidates and the process is usually not made public to applicants; it only results to an applicant being called for interview after the CV has made a good impression.

But wouldn’t you want to know what happens after your Yahoo or Google email service prompts that your message which has a CV attached, has been sent? I’m sure you do. A lot happens after a recruiter has received an email alert concerning the job vacancy advertised and almost immediately (or later) sorting begins (if the job positions are more than one).

Recently we’ve been posting job vacancies on our Facebook fan page or BBM channel (C002BB5B9) and some of the applications being made have to come to us before onward transfer to the consultant who seeks qualified candidates for a client. Also, I’ve had to screen candidates’ CV for top clients for months and I’ve encountered obstacles during such CV screening. So today I’ll like to point out some issues recruiters may find with your CV application process during the CV screening process.

Unnamed CV

It is pathetic when some candidates’ CVs are not properly named and the recruiter experiences difficulty in locating such candidates’ CV after shortlisting and during the CV screening processes. CV screening is a process that consumes time and recruiting managers mostly do not spend much time looking for a qualified CV if they have a truckload of other qualified CVs. To scale the CV screening process without any hitch (and if you’re fit for the job), the best practice is to name, rename, save or label your MS Word document CV with your full name.

Subject of Mail

While some application systems require that you fill a form and attach your CV online, some others demand that you send an email. And guess what, some applications are overlooked or simply skipped! Why? That’s because if one is doing CV screening, it therefore means there are lots of CVs to choose from and equal opportunity is to be meted out to all qualified persons and if your email carries no subject that will indicate the position you’re applying for, then I’m sorry, we move over to other 1000+ applications still awaiting CV screening.

Applying for all positions

During the period when my job description was CV screening where I work, I encountered one particular CV of a candidate several times for different and almost all positions advertised for a client. In such cases, after the first look at his CV and he was not qualified, I bothered less looking at his CV again for other positions. Listen, even if you’re qualified for all the positions as contained in the job advert, I advise you only apply for one (or at most two) positions that you are most qualified for. That way you have a better chance at being called for an interview else the recruiter/screening officer will simply take you as unserious and annoying.

Wrong or Different CV Attachment

This happens. In fact, it happened two weeks ago during CV selection for onward forwarding to the contact that permitted us to advertise the job. Most times, job candidates tend to make the mistake of attaching a wrong CV to a mail either because the CV is saved in a different name other than their name or they just forward a CV from previous applications and its not for themselves they made the previous application.

For example, I received a mail for a job vacancy from a certain Modupe (not real name) and I downloaded the CV (saved as ‘my CV’) to view. On opening the CV I saw a different name like ‘Nkechi Simon’ who has not even concluded her OND programme and the position is for an HND holder with 3 years’ experience. I got the feeling that such would have been a mistake and ‘Modupe’ probably did not recognize that the CV named ‘my CV’ on her computer or phone is actually a friend’s CV she had helped to forward to someone for a position NKECHI (her friend) qualified for.

When applying for a job position if it is not the online form filling system, make sure you’re extra careful to use the right CV that is properly saved with your name. This is quite important and makes your CV professional.

Do you have questions? I’m so ready to attend to it. Soon I’ll be writing more about what happens in the secret room with your CV so that the CV screening process will not be the end of the road for your application. I’m eager to hear from you and don’t forget that sharing is caring…

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