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International Women’s Day: What Makeup can do to your Career


International Women’s Day: What Makeup can do to your Career

‘NG Sparkles’, that’s what we call her and she was the editor of the SLAM (Smart Leaders Are Made) Magazine. She was a classmate back in school and we were in our 3rd Year. One day, I said to her:

“NG, I want to do a vox pop. I want to know how many minutes it takes a lady to wear make-up before preparing for lectures”

Well, I did not get to do the vox pop but I was (and I am) still intrigued by the number of minutes women spend to make up themselves and get set for wherever they should be headed for.

On Sunday 8th day of March, 2015 was International Women’s Day. It’s a day set aside to celebrate women all over the world for how beautiful and superhuman they are to take care of the home, look after the children, build a career and still look gorgeously beautiful. They’re worth celebrating every day!

Make-up to a woman is as important as any other accessory she puts on her body. Jimi Tewe believes that make-up is needed and worn for either of the two purposes: To cover up deficiencies and make what is good, better or enhance beauty. He goes on to say most people believe the former in error and posited that make-up actually enhances what is already beautiful and unique. I agree with him. Women spend time on making up and looking beautiful and it works! Apart from that it makes them confident and solidifies self-esteem. It makes them more beautiful and ‘fair to look upon’ as the bible would put it.

But looking at make-up from the career perspective, how frequently do people add to themselves or try to make up themselves for the workplace. Make-up in career, to most people as evident in daily activities, connotes covering up deficiencies and when in essence they are supposed to maximize their uniqueness and enhance their strengths and abilities.

Some employees make-up enough to earn a pay cheque and they’re okay with it. During a class on advertising on Saturday, the resource person explained what it means to be driven by passion in an Ad Agency. He further buttressed the fact that in a highly creative and dynamic environment such as the work place, most people just do enough to earn a pay; no extra effort at being extraordinary or exceptional. No extra study or enhancement of what makes them unique at what they do. No constant check on the ‘how can I get better?’ or ‘what can I really achieve with what I can do to attaining a height where my weaknesses do not stare me in the face?’

Make-up, still as Tewe puts it, could mean the content inside of you which I believe is more important than the container as the level of quality that lies within accentuates the uniqueness that you exude. It is not what goes into a man that defies him but what comes out of his mouth [or of him]. In other words, it is how loaded you are inside that determines the quality and greatness you bring to bear and that guarantees success in your career.

Constantly build your mind. Constantly study to know. Constantly do enough to enhance your uniqueness and be better at what you can do and achieve per time. If you must make-up, do not just apply it on your deficiencies but your efficiencies because you need to get better every day and be happy at it. Let not your place of work influence you into being a fake of yourself or make you do enough to just ‘earn’

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate women every day. They’re worth it!

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