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Interesting Resume Writing Approaches For PhD Students


Interesting Resume Writing Approaches For PhD Students

Okay, so your education is finally over, which means that it’s time to sit down and write out your resume. Unfortunately, like many PhD students, you probably find that you’re staring at a blank page. You have a vague idea of what you think you should write, but the words just won’t come.

One of the reasons for this is that a lot of brand new PhD students simply haven’t figured out what they want to do just yet. They have an idea of the kind of career trajectory they want to take up, but nothing is totally concrete. Moreover, it’s possibly the first time you’ve ever applied for a job, which means that it’s the first time you’ve ever written out a resume for anything. If this sounds a lot like you, let’s take a look at a few techniques to get the best out of your students resume.

Consider Using An Objective Statement

Objective statements aren’t as popular as they once were, but they’re by no means redundant. What’s happened is that hiring managers only want you to use an objective statement if you are actually clear on who you are, what you want, and what you will bring to the company.

If you’re applying for a specific job and believe you have the desired experience, you should write a concise objective statement that neatly and powerfully summarises your skills and assets. This could prove invaluable.

List Your Honours

You’re writing out a students resume, so it’s highly likely that you haven’t got too much work experience just yet. For this reason, you need something to fill the missing void in your resume for your first job. So while experience professionals tend to put their education at the bottom of their resume, you need to put yours at the top.

Your education is your workhorse here, and you need to maximise it and make sure that it catches the eye of the hiring manager. Include your school, your degree, and any academic honours you have earned. You should also include your GPA if it’s a high score (anything above 3.0).

List Additional Coursework On Your Students Resume

Sometimes, a PhD student will apply for jobs outside their field of studies. For this reason, it’s well worn you including coursework on your resume for work that is outside the subject you studied. This makes a lot of sense if you’re applying for a few different jobs that are not typically related to your degree.

List Menial Jobs

A PhD student still has to make ends meet by taking on so-called menial jobs. The thing wit menial jobs is that you probably don’t think they’re important enough to include on your resume for high-end jobs. But you may well be wrong.

See, employers are looking for students who have a proactive, can-do attitude, and who are willing to get their hands dirty. Maybe you babysat for 4 different families in your neighbourhood, worked the night shift at McDonalds while writing your thesis during the day, or perhaps you mowed lawns during the summer. You might think all these jobs don’t amount to much, but they all contributed to who you are today, and instilled in you a few essential kills, such as customer care and management.

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