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If Her Beauty Doesn’t Inspire You, Her Words Will. Meet Juliet Ejimofor… She Launched it!


If Her Beauty Doesn’t Inspire You, Her Words Will. Meet Juliet Ejimofor… She Launched it!

Young, beautiful, strong willed, and as her middle name implies, a virtuous lady whose level of perseverance at getting whatever she sets her mind on would wow you: these define Juliet Ejimofor Ndidiamaka, founder of She Launched It. Juliet Ejimofor is passionate about art, food, fashion and individual creativity and is a strong advocate for women empowerment. Being a one time colleague, I’ve known her to be someone who is quite expressive when it comes to what she loves doing the most. Read her words below…

I made several attempts to make it right, so did everyone I came in contact with in the course of my unending meetings with different corporate companies I tried wooing to sponsor my project. But for everyday my project was turned down, I grew more irritated, challenged and had only one goal, which was to be better than them someday.

I had tackled jobs in unfamiliar sectors where I felt my skills and passions could transfer. So I knew I couldn’t grow and flourish in such organization I had become used to; the hunger for my passion grew stronger everyday. The project I had assembled in many sleepless nights and relentless hard work sounded promising and offered me the potential not to only learn and grow,but believe and as well impact in the lives of a lot of people positively especially the women. It was enough to take a leap, quitting my unfamiliar surrounding and focusing on what I have found true juliet 2Approaching each new role with an attitude that nothing great can be achieved without a little risk has been the key to not just the attraction I’ve found in wanting to create my own business, but also to loving what I do. When I have done things only because it was what others highly valued, I did a few good things. When I have pursued the things that make my heart sing, I have done something great. And not because it was easy or I got it right from the start, but simply because I loved it enough and believed in it enough to keep at it,that melody that soothes my heart.

Challenges have taught me to attribute any professional and personal success I’ve had to grit. Whether because of life circumstances or constitutional makeup, any success in my life won’t be primarily because of luck or talent, but from sheer will and perseverance, especially when things were tough. From standing out in the scorching sun, to jumping danfo buses on heels when I couldn’t afford a cab, to working hard at school since the age of three to get into a good employment, creating enough finance to starting and growing my business despite many obstacles – the ability to work towards a goal no matter how hard it is or how long it takes is the key to becoming a success in anything you pursue.

To me, true success is happiness. From that has come two key things: passion and persistence. There’s a saying I lovejuliet 3—’Leap and the net will appear.’ I took the risk and made the leap. Staying true to my passion and never giving in to any difficulties until I attain my goal, it might be crappy at first but perfection is a gradual process. I drove my thoughts away from any negativity and launched a project I call “She Launched It”. A project targeted towards empowering the women in the society to find their own voice and fight through any form of challenges, because I believe God has a purpose for everybody and true fulfilment comes not only in finding that purpose but also inspiring people positively.

God’s love spread like a stream of consciousness. Its easy to get carried away by the uncertainties of life but then again you have people who remind you that the true story isn’t in the destination but in the journey and that journey should be enjoyed no matter the challenges the winds of life blow towards us. My name is Juliet, I launched IT. So can YOU!.

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  1. ogboka anita

    July 15, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    great work. nice

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