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How To Use Social Media To Land A Job: 7 Secrets That Work

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How To Use Social Media To Land A Job: 7 Secrets That Work

There are billions of Social Media users nowadays. The increase in the use of Social sites and networks has taken the internet by storm. It has proven to be one of the most effective and interactive platforms that can do almost anything: communicate, advertise, market, create campaigns and spread awareness, plan, buy and sell.

The perks of Social media include that you get to be as creative as you like with your media presence. Other than that, it helps you build professional social circles.

Using the various techniques that are associated with the social media, it helps you land a job of your dreams. Whether you’re a performer, a business person or even an accountant, you can use Social Media up to its full potential to increase your career productivity.

There are a lot of ways that you can come up with that will increase your job opportunity level, some of these are below:

1. Search For Appropriate Social Media Websites

There are various social sites that are only used for job hunting and business-related reasons. These professional networks help you to elaborate your qualifications, take the skill tests and then prove yourself on the scoreboards.

One such example is LinkedIn. This site has connected thousands and millions of professionals on a single platform. HR Managers and Recruitment companies go through the profiles of potential candidates and connect with them via In Mails.

Other than that, Facebook and YouTube have successful follows too. Based on skills and their presence, experience and expertise, education and knowledge, people get hired through the social media all the time.

2. Build Your Profile

The next step is to build your profile and list all your experiences. Note here that you need to build yourself up, not just write what you’re good at. Building means that you need to increase your level and connect with other professionals that belong to your line of industry. Take inspiration from their profiles.

Take your time at this step, to actually help promote yourself. List your confidence boosters and special skills. Realize that there is some potential in you that is worth all the work. Furthermore, take your weaknesses and eliminate them. For example, if there is a certain training required for a specific position then take that and reduce your chances of being overlooked or rejected.
Also, you can look at the certifications of your connections, and view the companies that they have worked with. You can also arrange for a meet up if you’re interested in building your professional expertise.

3. Follow Blogs And Other Networks

One misconception between individuals is that they term Social Media as Facebook, Twitter, and the similar sites. These are actually the social networks. Social Media also includes blogs and videos that you can use to build up your own advantages.
There are numerous bloggers that help you to learn and initiate your career opportunities. They can guide you and you can learn from their experience, as to how you can learn from successful planning.

4. Keep Up With The Professionalism

One major aspect that employers demand nowadays is the professionalism. If you’re using Social Media for your promotion then make sure that you are keeping your profile clean, blocking scams and maintaining a standard and decent tone. Keep a check of what information you are making public and what you aren’t.

Your job description, username and email ID make a definite impression along with your profile picture, therefore choose the credentials that are the closest to your own names, rather than making something up.

5. Connect With Your Social Circles

The idea isn’t to add everyone in your circle and wait for them to post updates. You can connect on your behalf and then use the industry terminology to attract similar professionals. Connect using keywords as these are what actually will help the employers and recruiters find out about you.

Present your thoughts by either blogging your experiences, pros and cons and job hunting tips that you have personally experienced. The more natural and experienced the information is, the higher the chances are that you will have lots of following. This will create huge chances for you to landing the job.

6. Link Everything Together

Attract the attention of your followers by linking your mail, social sites, and other media presence on one platform. If an employer is interested in your profile, he may be able to attract the information this way.

7. Customize And Apply

When you apply for a job position,  make sure that you are presenting the information customized to fit the needs of the job. Cover Letters and job summaries demand alterations and you have to make sure that you are applying as per the needs of the position. Spend a certain time of the day to look for new job opportunities and the skills that are in demand for the related positions.


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