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How to Network Like a Pro (III)


How to Network Like a Pro (III)

VIII. Whatsapp groups are goldmines

People underestimate whatsapp groups – especially those which have members across all strata. Nowadays you find yourself in whatsapp groups with folks you probably need 3 levels of security check & 3 PAs to access. You can corner them and turn the relationship personal if you play your game well. Start by making meaningful contribution to the group, then “reply privately” to your target and strike a nice conversation.

Case 4: I cornered a former GM of a Big 5 bank and CFO of a top oil company using this approach. What started from there led to an invitation for lunch in his house few weeks later. Pulled him aside from a community whatsapp group.

Used same method for a veteran journalist I had been looking forward to meet since my secondary school days and a former commissioner. We happened to be in same sports whatsapp group and I “pulled” him aside.

Let me stop with these 8 tips. Hopefully will do another series in the future.

PS: I know this is mainly about networking upward (with people of higher social or economic class). Hopefully part 2 will cover horizontal networking.

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