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How to Network Like a Pro (II)


How to Network Like a Pro (II)

If you find something interesting about them in the news, send a message to congratulate them (if +ve news) or commiserate (if -ve). Don’t meet someone and not get in touch till after 1 year or till you need a favour.

Relationship is like an equipment, lubricate to avoid rust.

VII. Minimize asking for favour

Don’t let the relationship be parasitic. If you must ask for favour, social causes are preferred. Sparingly ask for commercial favour. And respect their no. Some people wanted to use me as go-between to contact a former CBN governor to be on the board of their small company. I knew the answer was likely going to be a no, but just not to lose the relationship at their own end, decided to tell the ex-gov about it. He said he can’t take it because he was busy. Took the message to them and they asked me to pester him further. Told them they should respect the person’s “no” and not strain my own relationship.

So be circumspect in making demands. Don’t abuse relationships.

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