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How to Link Your BVN to FCMB Account

According to FCMB, there are three ways their customers can update their BVNs.

1). Submit your BVN on FCMBOnline:

If you have already enrolled with another bank and are subscribed to FCMBOnline, just use the newly created ‘No BVN? Link Here!’ tab at the top left hand corner of your FCMBOnline screen. You can now update your BVN from the comfort of your homes, office or on the go.

Just follow these steps:

i. Log on to your FCMBOnline Account
ii. Click on the ‘No BVN Link Here’ at the top left hand corner of the screen
iii. Input your BVN, the bank where you registered and answer a security question and click on the ‘link BVN’ tab to submit

A dialog box displays confirming that BVN has been submitted.

2). Send Your BVN details to [email protected]:

If you have already enrolled with another bank just send an email to [email protected]: including the following details:

a. Account Name and Account Number
b. BVN
c. Bank where you registered

3). Enroll in our branches

You can visit any FCMB branch and complete registration in 10 minutes and you will receive your BVN via SMS within 24 hours. Just come along with the following:

i. A valid means of identification e.g. International Passport or Nigerian Driver’s License
ii. Account Name and Account Number

Please note that customers that do not obtain their BVNs before October 31, 2015 will not be able to transact with their accounts.

Source: FCMB Newsletter 27/07/2015



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