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How to Know When an Employer Reads your CV

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How to Know When an Employer Reads your CV

So on this exciting day at work I heard a colleague complaining about a client who, obviously, (according to him) is refusing to reply the mail he sent. And the content of the mail required an urgent reply in order to push forward a sale. In the same sense, when applications are sent for a position one gets to wonder whether the CV has been read or not. You wait and wait until you eventually give upon a number of applications and move on

Well, guess what. There is a solution to all those worries and endless waiting… Sidekick by Hubspot is the answer and it’s free!

Sidekick is Google Chrome based notification app that tells you when and how your mail has been read, showing real-time notifications based on ‘signals’ from emails you’ve sent. In fact with Sidekick, you get on-screen notifications, as well as a summary list of activity that you can review to know who has read your mail even when you’re not online. And if an employer opens your email application, there is a 90% possibility that the CV would be read. Even when any link is clicked (which MAY include downloads) you get another notification that a link has been clicked in the mail

I love this app and I use it. And so far with experience, I realise it has some pros alongside cons and usefulness for anyone who decides to use it.


  • It is free to use
  • As many times you e-mail gets opened by the same person, you get a notification
  • Allows for 200 notifications every month.
  • Gives a summary of all notifications even when not online
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Does no slow down the browser
  • Does not consume extra data


  • It can only be used on a computer or Chrome browser that has the Sidekick app already installed.
  • Not suitable for users who do bulk e-mail (you’ll receive only 200 notifications) except for the paid version that costs $10 and therefore gives unlimited notifications
  • Its accuracy of who (name) opened your mail may not be 100% depending on the number of e-mail sent (Let’s say 1 million?). But it surely notify you that ‘someone opened your mail’
  • It can only integrate primarily with Chrome browser and Outlook and can conveniently work with the G-mail email service.


This is a great app for job seekers and employers. Though this app was primarily made for sales purpose, anyone can take advantage of its usefulness.

For job seekers, after some days of the email being opened (and your CV eventually read), it gives a partial feeling of success and hopes for interviews. So, install this app now on your computer, tablet, Smartphones; on any device, you have the Chrome browser and track your emails, know when your CV is downloaded and read…

For Sales, this new chrome feature/app will help to engage your leads. According to Michael Damphousse CEO/CMO at Green Leads, “Sidekick is an app that lets you know when and how to engage your leads–timing, intelligence, and relevance.

Salespeople now have actionable intelligence from the prospect. Knowing that they have seen your email or they clicked through a link or they are reading your website is gold. It also tells you one other fact…the prospect may be sitting at their desk, or at least not occupied with other activities. It’s time to call them. If no response by phone, maybe email them again with a secondary email that you would logically have sent (ie: don’t just respond saying “I know you are sitting there doing emails”)”

Also, with ‘Sidekick’ no one would claim he/she did not get your mail and you can strategically follow up on people when or if they refuse to even open your mail to read it. No employer or job applicant can claim not to see/open a mail when a response is anticipated.

Get and install Sidekick from here

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